Starting with these are not all the emails between MAIG and the NYC government regarding Gun Control and I even doubt the cover all the emails requested by judicial watch. Not they are all the emails about Sandy Hook out of MAIG.

On this post, I am not going to be structured much. Reading 500+ pages of crap I do not like in a day makes for an interesting headache. I’ll post captures of the documents that reveal ideas, tendencies or thoughts not covered before.  Originally I was going to end the analysis of this emails today, but rereading I found some other stuff that might require attention and hopefully some help from the readers, specially the monetary part. So expect at least one or two more posts.

Let’s begin:

maig awbNote the date and time. The bodies of the victims were still on the floor at Sandy Hook Elementary as the Crime Scene technicians were collecting evidence. Yet this “persons” were already thinking strategy.

MAIG Robin Kelly IL 2 district
The Robin mentioned apparently is Robin Kelly who was the Democratic Party candidate and eventual replacement of Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District Election previously held by one Jesse Jackson, Jr. who had to vacate the post after pleading guilty to charges of fraud, conspiracy, making false statements, mail fraud, wire fraud, and criminal forfeiture. Cash was injected from Bloomberg’s coffers to her campaign. Bloomberg & NYC employees meddling in the elections of other states in a strategy that was to be repeated in Colorado.

And we have some examples that seem to infer at a minimum a concerted coordination with a complicit media:




MAIG Erica Goode
Erica Goode writes about human behavior for the New York Times.

I know I am missing one about the Media…I’ll post when I re-find it

An idea to try to influence major Sport Leagues:
MAIG Sports

And MAIG really does not like the Brady Campaign.  Are they wishing the Bradys leave the Gun Control business for good? Who knows?

MAIG v Brady deux


Remember that Credit Cards and other companies were all of the sudden reluctant to deal with firearms? May it have started here?
MAIG Credit cards retailersThe Raben Group is a powerful DC Lobby group aligned with very powerful entities such as the Joyce Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation,  Los Angeles Unified School District (Which wanted to divest  firearms investments from their retirement fund) and a whole slew of other well-known characters including….wait for it… MAIG.

More to come.



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