I do not like Taran Butler of Taran Tactical fame.

I’ve met him and it’s very clear that he is quite full of himself.

More than that, I have a real issue with this ethics, or lack thereof, when it comes to supporting the gun community.

He made himself rich and famous because of the competitive shooting community.  He is a skilled shooter, national and world champion, I won’t deny that.  His wins to build a brand, Taran Tactical Innovations, that sells very expensive gear to other competitive shooters and those in the gun community.  TTI Glocks are the in thing for John Wick fanbois.

Other than selling overpriced (it’s good stuff but it’s overpriced) stuff to the gun community, what does he do for it?

You can’t go and learn from Taran Butler how to level up from A Class to Grand Master.  He’s too busy hanging out with A list celebs, teaching them to shoot for way more money than you can pay him.  And when those celebs wear orange and run their mouths calling for gun bans and saying you don’t need an AR-15, Butler remains silent.  Because he knows that doesn’t mean him, even in California, because he’s got a special pass to own the good stuff because he trains A list Hollywood celebs.

And if Hollywood gets its wish and you can’t own anything that holds more than 10 rounds, and his 42 round Glock mag extension gets banned, he won’t say boo as it’s not really going to hurt his bottom line because he’s still renting his time and range out to Grabass Entertainment to choreograph the gunplay for John Wick 9.

But Butler might be getting his comeuppance.  It seems that he’s spent too much time around Hollywood and its rubbed off on him in the worst way.


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Having fun with one of my ex shooters hehe

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I have some friends over at SHOT the booth babe thing is starting to grate.

These were some of the Taran Butler memes floating around the internet yesterday.

I cannot wait for the dam to burst and for TTI to go the way of Red Jacket Firearms over a #MeToo.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Tactical Weinstein”
  1. That freaking toolsack. Just what we need is another big name gun type getting caught with his dick in the wringer…

  2. Meh, the guy is a bit of a douche but this isn’t anything particularly bad. Guy wants to get laid and is applying modest pressure to some doofy gun bunny who clearly likes the attention.

  3. Men who treat women like crap are a problem. Some will always be jackasses. But many will do it because they are allowed to get away with it.

    Another part of the problem is, frankly, women who put up with it instead of delivering a firm slap to the face and a loud “get away from me you $+#;3!_)!”

    This according to Mrs B, who did just that after some jackass groped her … and she later found that the same guy had groped 3-4 other women earlier in the party, none of whom said or did anything.

  4. The worse thing about Taran Tactical being -the- John Wick advisor? They got rid of more diverse gun lineup from the first movie. KSGs, SRS, PA416s, and of course, John’s HK pistol. The Glock got like, one use when he got tossed onto the dance floor.

    I love the John Wick movies, but I really went “fuck TTI” when John passed up much better tools to deal with the Round Table’s foot soldiers for some overpriced Sig produced, TTI blinged PCC and shotgun.

    Fucking hell, there was a fucking G3KA4 and other BATTLE RIFLES in the Continental’s armory but you go for shotguns with slugs?!

  5. I wonder. If this was a Veratas video, and if we saw Big Gulp Bloomberg saying and doing the exact same things, would the same people be so blase about it?

    1. I might be. I’m one of the apparently small crowd who isn’t outraged with Harvey Weinstein’s prior conduct. I just find it incredible humorous that he’s going down in flames considering he’s a liberal douche. Bloomberg in the same situation would elicit a desire to see the liberal machine chew him up. Couldn’t care less if he got frisky with a subordinate.

      1. Personally, I think it’s wrong to call people out from the other side for their hypocrisy, then say “It’s Not Bad When We Do It” when our ‘tribe’ is accused.

        If I’m going to hold the slimy Hollywood creepers to a particular standard, I’m also going to hold people on our side to that standard as well.

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