Negligent Discharge

The “Four Suggestions” of Gun Safety: Is that a gun in your pocket or… (Graphic Content)

Via Parker County Blog. Check the whole story there.

My off duty concealed handgun, a Kahr PM9, model 9093, 9mm, loaded with Winchester SXT ammunition was in that same pocket.  The clerk then realized she had charged me too much so she reran the bill and it came to $7.03.  I told her that I have the three cents.  Immediately after reaching into my pocket the pistol discharged one round.

And that is why I don’t pocket carry. I can be a huge doofus. Hopefully the officer recovered fully.

ND: Bad Holster manipulation? (Graphic Content Warning)

The original thread at the at the S&W Forum does not give any explanation about how the Negligent Discharge came to happen, but I suspect there was some sort of brain fart while holstering by the way the wounds look. Perhaps the booger hook on the bang stick while holstering the gun?

Just a reminder that if we don’t play safe, somebody will get hurt.

That shit hurts just looking at it. 🙁