NRA Convention

I don’t want your guns, just your cash.

Proving once again that hypocrites care about their pockets, opponents of Tennessee’s  Guns-In-Bars law had no problem whatsoever welcoming the NRA convention slated for 2015 in Nashville.

Has the NRA convention changed Spyridon’s and Rayburn’s minds? Both men say no. But they welcome NRA wallets.

I would call them shameless whores, but I’d be sued by Ladies of The Night everywhere.

And how about this for a clincher?

As for whether they are concerned that NRA members will go honky-tonkin’ while packing, Spyridon tossed them a back-handed compliment:”I think the city will be pretty safe that week,” he said.

I guess somebody told them about the NRA convention in Charlotte, NC where crime went down 45% during the NRA convention and they had 80,000 visitors spending their cash with lots of peace and love.


“Blood will run in the streets of Charlotte! Wait, What do you mean less crime?”

Via the NRA we find out that during the NRA Convention, crime in the area was down 45% compared to the same week the year before. According to the, not only the convention was the biggest in Charlotte’s history, the only issue was traffic congestion on Friday. There were no reports of people suffering from Road Rage and shooting their guns wildly while in traffic.

It was not suppose to happen that way damn it! Them NRA Redneck were suppose to be wild, host a KKK party, burn some crosses and shoot innocent people at random!

Oh well! 😉

Hat Tip to Sebastian