Nowhere does the article explain that the reason deadly violence has been on the decline is that emergency medicine is now able to save the lives of a lot more victims of knife- and gunshot-injuries. The so-called Laser Man, for example, shot a number of immigrants in Sweden in the 1990s. Forensic pathologist Jovan Rajs commented, “The Laser Man shot eleven people, and one of them died. In the 1930s eight or nine would have died, in the 1970s about five, and today probably none.”

Ergo, deadly violence remains on an even level thanks to better health care in Sweden, but all other kinds of violent crime (including attempted homicide) has gone off the charts. Violent crime is up 300% and rape is up 1,472% since 1975, the year the Swedish Parliament decided to turn homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country.

Source: The IKEA Murders: Sweden in Crisis

The “Better Emergency medicine” explanation is sometimes used by The Ignoranti in the Gun Control side. The few idiots that have used it in discussions, get shut down rather fast when you point out that the statistics for assault with a deadly weapon have also gone down in the US. And unless they want to claim a vast conspiracy involving police and Emergency Rooms across the nation to under report attacks, they are pretty much full of shinola.

The Swedish are suffering from a huge spike in violent crime and so does most of Europe. None of the official European sources will say anything because it is a monumental black eye for their policy and politics, but I am not the only one with relatives in Europe who are living the raise in violent crime that was unheard of a couple of decades ago. They are not yet at Latin America levels, but they have long passed the US in the stats.

But Europe is an example we are supposed to follow, or so our Opposition keeps telling us.

Fat Valkyrie chance.

Hat Tip to Kevin C. in the book of faces.

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