Alex Seitz-Wald is a political reporter for NBC news covering the 2020 election.

He decided to fact check a a GOP talking point that was going to be used against Congressman Eric Swalwell’s run for President.

Armed with the best of pro-Democrat of intentions, he bravely charged at the GOP, only to be struck down by reality.

It is glorious to behold.


Here are the two images he shared.

The GOP talking point.

The Tweet in evidence from Swalwell himself.

This blog and the gun community as a whole has covered this story about “Nuke ’em” Swalwell, but apparently this didn’t penetrate much into America’s Blue spheres.

Of course there are the Lefties who vehemently hate gun owners and don’t mind killing us all, but there are a lot more moderates out there who I don’t think appreciate the idea of an American President contemplating using nuclear weapons, even in jest, on US citizens.

It seems that Mr. Seitz-Wald is in the later camp.

His Swalwell bubble has burst.  It will be interesting if as he fact checks more GOP talking points, if his support for the Democrats can weather their insanity.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “TFW your bubble bursts”
  1. It’s a new level of stupid: Seitz-Wald stupid. Just in front of Swalwell stupid in the dictionary.

    Both of them can stand to learn that nukes have a really large kill radius, and they’d be killing millions of their supporters to get a few thousand gun owners. It’s really not the tool they think it is.

  2. I’m betting he will solve the cognitive dissonance by no longer attemtping to fact check anything, repeating lefty talking points with absolute belief, and refusing to consider they may be wrong.

  3. OK, let’s be realistic here. It is doubtful that he realistically meant nuke the US, but…

    The idea, even if said in jest, is too offensive. No one would want a President that would, on a social media platform (in other words as a matter of public record) make a statement to that effect.

    And, to be honest, Trump is not much better. He really needs to take a ten count before sending out some of his tweets.

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