From the girl that carried her AR-10 to graduation comes this Tweet.

I feel exactly the same way.

Last time I was in NYC, which was for a friend’s wedding, a buddy of mine and I were “aggressively panhandled,” which is an NYC euphemism for having a crazy homeless guy follow you for a couple of blocks screaming at you and demanding money.

Well the people of NYC reacted to this exactly as my prejudices made me think they would.


Yep, she dared criticize The Greatest City on Earth™ and that makes her a hillbilly, pariah.

I hear all the time New Yorkers who mock, criticize, and make fun of the South.  People who have never been here and are very proud that they will never come here, talk about us like it’s still 1962.

Nothing but seething and relentless hate.  But if one of us Flyover Bumpkins dares to speak ill of them, we’re not welcome.

Of all the Tweets I saw, this one is by far my favorite.


To that asshole, I say he doesn’t deserve the fruits of Middle America.  By that I mean almost all the food he eats, the coal that drives the power plants for the electricity he uses, the gasoline that powers the cars he rides in, the cotton in his clothes, and anything domestically manufactured in the US.

I hope he can live off TV, financial services, and smug.




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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “That the New York attitude I expected”
  1. It is my sad belief that is another 9/11 were to happen, the response from the rest of the nation would be less cordial this time around.

  2. Civil War 2.0 is gonna be LIT!
    When I lived in Mississippi, there will people that were still pissed at Sherman for burning Atlanta and Pemberton for the Siege of Vicksburg.

  3. NYC douche-bag transplants are not welcomed in Florida yet they invade in record numbers and ruin it for all of us after spoiling their “cosmopolitan” city.

    So f*ck you very much, NYC jerk-wads, but I will go where I please. I’m NOT your subject and I will never listen or acknowledge anything you big city wretches say about what I can and cannot do.

    So STFU, KMA & GTFO.

  4. If something bad happens, people living in the big cities will die by the millions. I am reading “One Second After” which is on an EMP attack.

    Just another Spanish Flu epidemic and the big city folk won’t be so smug…

  5. I am glad I left when I did. I see my family and friends that stayed have devolved into leftist ideologues that disapprove of anything right of Bernie Sanders. There are still a few areas in the city that are more conservative leaning (mostly south Queens and parts of Staten Island) but the city has shifted drastically left since Rudy Giuliani’s departure as Mayor. He did too good of a job on crime for the current residents to remember what the dark days looked liked.

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