Never forget that Dr. Josef Mengele was a popular and well respected doctor in the circles of the German political elite.

He was wined and dined, appeared at parties, and was invited to give speeches.

He was a graduate of the best schools in Germany.

He was given Auchwitz as a reward.  He was given free reign to do his horrible human experiments and medical torture.

Has he not been in political favor he would have been a battlefield surgeon, doing amputations and patching holes in the mud and the blood of the front.

A nice cushy job mutilating Jewish children at a camp far from combat was cheddar.

So that the political elite of the medical world, the board members of the AMA love sexually mutilating children doesn’t change my mind about the procedure.

It just means that the AMA is just a bunch of Mengeles who say all the right and politically fashionable things while advancing a radical Leftist ideology that engages in the sexual mutilation and medical torture of children, for access to money and influence.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The American Mengele Association”
  1. The American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria explicitly states that prepubescent children cannot possibly be diagnosed as having it. Any doctor who assigned a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to a prepubescent child should be sued for malpractice and cashiered out of the profession.

  2. I’d love to know what the AMA’s position on eugenics was in the 1930s. I have no doubt that searching for it NOW would just lead to endless condemnations and moral posturing.

    1. They supported Buck v Bell in which the State declared it was legal to sterilize the “feeble minded” without their consent.

      1. Not to mention Dred Scott, some decades earlier. These all come from the same principle — or rather, utter lack of principle.
        With very few exceptions, judges have no more respect for the Constitution than any other politician.

  3. “a dangerous governmental intrusion into the practice of medicine.”

    Like the drug testing and licensing process? Idiots.

    Mengele wasn’t alone in the world. One of my family’s closest friends was sterilized by the In Florida in the ’50s. Back when the “Jim Crow” Democrats were running the state. More general info here:

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