The anti gun mob loves outrage and hates facts

Miguel touched on the Portland shooting of Jason Washington Sunday

This is a sad and tragic situation.  Mr. Washington seemed to be a good man that made two mistakes that ended up getting him killed.

  1. He lost control of his gun.  Yes he jumped into a scuffle.  The reason he lost control is not really relevant.  He could have been doing back flips on a dance floor.  It doesn’t matter, the fact is he lost control of his gun.
  2. He tried to grab it in front of a cop.  In the heat of the moment, in the middle of a street fight, with people yelling and moving, the police see a man reaching for a gun and they are going to shoot.

Mr. Washington shouldn’t have lost control of his gun.  Once he did, he should have moved away and let the police deal with the situation.  Worst case he might have received some sort of citation but he’d still be alive.

I’m in no way saying Mr. Washington deserved to die for his mistakes.  Most certainly not.  Just that small mistakes can have big and terrible consequences when guns are involved.

The shooting occurred early Friday morning and was reported on Saturday.  Today is Sunday.

The NRA has yet to make any sort of public statement on the shooting.  Most likely they want to gather some more of the facts and put together an accurate message

Of course anti-gun activists have no need for facts.  They rush in at the first whiff of anything and start shooting off their mouths.

Right now the social media opinion on this is that the NRA hasn’t made a statement because they are racist, the police shot Mr. Washington because the police are racist, gun rights are only for white people, and just some straight up stupid mockery.

The NRA isn’t as quick as Shannon Watts is to dance in blood.  It splashes better when it is fresh.

This is a fantastic statement: “civil rights are inherently racist.”

What?  Is there any evidence that the cop was a white nationalist?  None, but it fits in the the Left’s anti-cop, anti-law enforcement, “everyone we don’t like is a Nazi” narrative.

The NRA only protects white people.  That Philando Castile had pot in his car made it tough for the NRA.  Castile had a permit but was also breaking state and federal drug laws.  It’s hard to be an organization that argues for law abiding citizens and then argue for a drug user.

Mocking the NRA for racism while being racist.

Ohhhh… the disproven “Russian connection.”

Just because anti-gun groups are AstroTurf top down controlled by a wealthy super-nanny with an ax to grind doesn’t men gun rights groups are top down too.

Here we have an anti-gun Democrat who loves the idea of denying people civil liberties based on race.  She is accusing the NRA of it in a classical case of projection.

Cops are racist.  For a group that used to say “only the police should have guns” they pivoted very quickly to being anti-cop.

The number of comments in these categories is overwhelming.

I expect the NRA will release a statement during the work week when all the facts have come in.

It’s just that the Left has only one playbook they go by anymore and it is the identity politics one.  They don’t need the fact because everything is racist in one way or another.

Black people carrying is racist, cops are racist, the NRA is racists, EVERYTHING is racist.


4 Replies to “The anti gun mob loves outrage and hates facts”

  1. Actually … There are some questions on the 4473 re race and ethnicity. Why, I don’t know; but they are there.

    Of course I doubt the snarkette who made the comment ever saw one, or knows such a form exists, or that it’s made by the ATF and not the NRA. But, you know, facts so who cares.

  2. Sorry Miguel, in the victim pantheon of the left, a legal, CCW permit carrying, hispanic is trumped by a black victim. Now if he was an illegal hispanic, the leftists would have ran with that, even if his ancestry was mostly African.

  3. I’ll just point out that this is the second time in about a month that a gun falling out of a holster has had permanent life changing consequences. If you carry, you might want to think on that.

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