Holy shit.

First of all, her deliberate conflation of ICE detention centers with Nazi concentration camps was wrong, ugly, and offensive beyond measure.

She got a couple of Progressive “experts” to “well ackshually there were other concentration camps in history, what the Nazi’s had were death camps and those are technically different.”  But she and her “experts” were roundly criticized by groups including the Nation Holocaust Museum, the Polish Holocaust Museum, the Israeli Holocaust Memorial and others.

Her argument that Conservatives who defend our borders from unchecked illegal immigration are Nazis or white supremacists is terrible.

But what is truly the antisemitic  icing on this shit cake is the argument that a Jew defending against the accusation of being a Nazi by saying he’s  a Jew is weaponizing his Judaism.

What is viciously ironic about this is that her claim that a person can’t use their identity to absolve them of moral wrongs is the basis of Progressivism.

A principle of Progressivism is that oppressed minorities are never responsible for their actions.

Palestinians can fire hundreds of rockets at Israel and that’s fine because they are oppressed.

Vagrants can turn cities into open air sewers and shoplifters can steal $950 worth of stuff and that’s fine because they are oppressed and need the things they stole.

Her Squad mates Omar and Tlaib have used their identities to absolve them of their antisemitism and anti-Americanism.

But Jews accused of being Nazis can’t even make the obvious defense that it’s not really possible to be a Jews Nazi.

The really sad thing is that we all know that the Democrats are not going to do anything about AOC saying something this horrific.

They are going to let Leftist antisemitism slide again.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The Antisemitism of the Squad hits new heights”
  1. First of all, how this woman manages to breathe without step by step written instructions and constant coaching is a wonder to me.

    Next, you are absolutely correct. The “progressives” do have a hierarchy of victimhood. The pyramid will vary depending on day, mood, or shoe size… temperature…diet? Who knows. These days, muslims are on the top.

    Yes, for a while blacks were the reigning victims, but that story got old. Remember when blacks could not be racist because they were not as economically successful as whites? Therefore, hating whites because of their skin color was OK? Now, it is OK to hate Jews because they are protecting themselves against attacks from muslims. Remember, the muslims are the alpha victims today. Their actions are perfectly justified because of their victim status.

  2. She is paid to do this shit, obozo and sorus pay people like her just to disrupt things and say any crazy shit they want. Gets lots of coverage

  3. The beauty of America right now is We the People dont have to listen to idiots spew on about things they have zero clue about. ….. ALL the tv news had 13 million combined viewing of the impeachment circus. Thats not even 10% of America.

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