Miguel posted the clip from CNN about the ballistics testing of rifle and pistol ammo from Wayne State University.

Yes, rifle ammunition generally has more terminal performance than handgun ammunition.

The thing I don’t get about this point is this:

Are they arguing that handgun rounds are more survivable than rifle rounds so handguns are less bad?

We in the shooting world know our gold rule is “Never point the gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy.”

We understand that the intent of shooting something alive is to kill it.

We don’t bet on survivability of a wound as a safety factor.

Nobody says “don’t point a rifle as something you don’t intend to kill but you can take that risk with a handgun because they’re not as dangerous.”

I fundamentally cannot wrap my mind around the implied argument that maybe if a school shooter used a handgun or a 22 those kids would have been wounded but alive, but because he used an AR they are all dead.


We understand guns and we understand that one should assume that anything hit with a bullet is going to die.

Of all the attacks on guns that the anti-gun world is making, this is one that really shorts out my logic circuits.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The AWB ballistics argument is frustratingly stupid”
  1. One of the big reasons 19 children died at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, 17 people died at Parkland High School, and 50 young men died at the Pulse Night was many bled out while the police refused to act. Prompt medical attention could have saved many of those that were wounded. The police sat on their pensions and went home at the end of their shifts. They refused to stop the threat and rescue the innocent.

    It does not matter if they were shot by a .223, a .22, 9mm, or they OD’d because someone poisoned them with fentanyl. They died because they did not get prompt medical treatment.

  2. You have to understand that for these people facts don’t matter. Logic doesn’t matter. Data doesn’t matter. They will say anything to support their case, and those who agree will nod like bobble head dolls and repeat the nonsense as if it was gospel or quantum physics.
    We use reason, data, clear statements of values. They use arm- waving and childish tantrums. And they win.
    Once and for all: What matters is POWER. Get it, keep it, use it. Or become serfs.

  3. Virginia Tech. Shooter there used a couple of AWB compliant .22 HANDGUNS.
    But apparently now that has been memory holed too. Probably because the shooter doesn’t fit the narrative.
    But again, it’s not the gun. It’s the the control they are after. Right now they are gunning for ARs, but if they get what they want they will push for more.
    When its just down to 5 shot hunting rifles and shotguns, the next psycho who wants the infamy will pull a Whitman, then pappys hunting gun becomes a Military grade sniper rifle.

  4. Ayup. The party of SCIENCE that actually denies real science over pseudo-science that makes “Ancient Aliens” seem plausible is all about the feels and not about actual substance.

    Way back when, back in the 70’s, “60 Minutes” did a thing on ‘scawy assault rifles’ and the shooters had access to select-fire and semi-auto rifles. And the surprising thing (to no-one with a functioning brain cell) was the scawy assault rifle sucked balls on full auto, and the semi-auto hunting rifle was more powerful and more accurate and just as easy to use and reload and didn’t look scawy.

    But we still ended up ‘banning’ in the 90’s scawy looking rifles. Because ‘feels’ and ‘SCIENCE’ and other things.

    Even when their own pet dancing monkeys at the CDCs produce a report saying guns (and I extrapolate all weapons available to oneself, from rifles to chairs and sewing machine pedals) were used far far far more, exponentially more, in actual acts of self defense over being shot by some screw-lose hop-headed criminal (who was turning its life around and was to become valedictorian of their GED class or something.)

  5. One of the things I’ve found frustrating over my life is the politicization of the the means of death. Die trapped in a burning automobile, that’s just the risk we accept for having freedom of movement. Die of leukemia 30 years after being exposed to ionizing radiation, ban nuclear power. Die in a crossfire from rival gangs using Glocks, nothing to see here it’s just life in the big city. Die because a madman decides to use an AR-15 (or AK-47 etc.) OMG we must prevent innocent, law abiding citizens from owing “assault weapons” (your definition may vary). Whether you get killed by a rock or a rifle you’re just as dead. Regardless of the odds, the latter will be viewed as much more horrible.

  6. 1. Almost all firearm murders involve handguns. More people are murdered with blunt-force trauma than a rifle. ANY rifle.
    2. I think a good 12 ga riot gun, loaded w/#4 buck, will be deadlier (at schoolroom ranges) than their .223 popguns.

  7. What we have here is Biden level gun ignorance. While apparently Joe Biden is a gun owner, or so he claims, his ignorance about every known aspect of guns, gun safety, and gun anything else is more profound than even his level of senility.

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