Not going to do 2015 in review. If you follow the blog, you are up to speed and I figure there will be more than one blog out there that will do an excellent job. No sense in wasting time.

What do I see coming? Our different Opposition groups will try consolidate into one solid block and probably fail as too many egos are involved. They are doing test runs now sharing some of the same messages in Social Media and I expect that will increase, but there is only so much space inside the rubber room to be shared with so many egomaniacs. Ladd and Bloomberg hugging and smiling? only for the cameras. Shannon Watts will continue to do her role as dutiful P.R. Nebenfrau of Everytown/Moms Demand rather than the queen she was a couple of years ago. MDA seemed to lost traction at the second half of the year.

The Old Media is due for a shake up. Even though we saw an amazing level of BS and vitriol coming out on the second half of the year, it is interesting to notice that pro Second Amendment articles and Op Eds were also being published. It is still far from equal time/space, but having seen articles criticizing the wisdom of Gun Free Zones and challenging the tactics of moving goalposts (Mass Shootings as example) means that at least some outlets are figuring out that their consumers are not lock-stepping with the old “conventional wisdom.”

At the Federal level, congress shouldn’t be an issue, but I have my doubts now with Speaker Paul Ryan. President Obama’s last year will be dedicated to his legacy and he will not waste political ammo on something he can’t win. If immigration and Obamacare still remain in the front burners, other than some executive orders to make nuisance of himself will be all that can be accomplished.

At state level we just saw what happened in Virginia with Reciprocity, expect a couple of more states trying the same and maybe one doing it. This could backfire gravely for the Opposition if it leads to a clean bill of National Reciprocity. I would like to see more Acceptance than Reciprocity from the States: If you have a CWP, you are golden in my state and it does not matter that your home state does not return the favor. But the idea that Bloomberg would anally emanate fire-hardened clay cuboids at the thought that rednecks from Texas and weirdos from Florida would be walking the streets of Manhattan packing  guns is too good to pass.

Don’t ask me about the courts. I think we are in a moment where some judges refuse to apply both Heller and McDonald simply because they can gum up the works and SCOTUS is giving the image that they are done with Second Amendment Issue for a while.

Unfortunately, I also see a coming year where unrest (civil and otherwise) will be prominent due to the drop of Law Enforcement getting hands-on crime. Nowadays is called the Ferguson Effect although a former LEO referred it as he knew it back in his patrolling days F.I.D.O. (Fuck It, Drive On). Some cities already have felt the spike in crime and simply put, cops will not risk their lives or careers if every time some thugh starts screaming “police brutality!” a mob comes out herded by a bunch of lawyers and politicians to seek the heads of men in blue.  Remember, police has no duty to protect, it is up to you to be the First Responder.

The year will begin badly for the Gun Control crowd. As of now, Texas is officially Open Carry and there is a good chance that Florida will follow suit before too long. It is also an election year and politicians in the chopping block will soon start paying attention to the races. That means two things are at play: Who can deliver cash and who can deliver votes. One thing is for sure: we cannot afford to be silent. Be a nag to your representatives, contact them, leave messages, let them know how you feel and specially how you are your circle will vote.

And one last thing: The discourse from the Opposition will become even more nasty. Expect to be called everything in the book including Child Molester. Do not reply in kind. Be smart about it, don’t be baited into responses that can be misused. The more you keep your wits, the more they will become incensed and say all kinds of idiotic things we can use against them. Our job is not to convince the fanatical that their views are wrong but to show the Undecided who is the serious and mature side of the argument. The Opposition’s minions can only go for the “penis compensation” bit so many times before even the most distracted of people get tired of the repetition. By the same token, responses like “Fuck you! That is why! It is my right!” play right in the Tactical Curmudgeon SWAT Forum but not so much in the real world. Don’t be a dick, make that your basic guideline for any discussion.

Expect the Opposition to SWAT you. I wish I could say that people like CSGV have reconsidered their attitudes, but frankly I think we are going to see an increase in SAWTting cases. CSGV in particular has been invaded by the Social Justice Warriors and they hate you and cops; getting both sides to shoot and kill each other is the perfect Birthday/Easter/Christmas gift. Texas, you are going to be a particular target for at least the first three months.

I am done playing Carnac the Magnificent. Enjoy the new Year.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “The beast is wounded… what’s coming in 2016?”
  1. On the whole, good stuff and much I agree with. (You can tell from that there’s a “but” coming, right?).

    Re: “President Obama’s last year will be dedicated to his legacy and he will not waste political ammo on something he can’t win. ” I think is too conventional thinking. His legacy is the leftist dream of knocking America off its pedestal, reducing it to just another bunch of government teat-suckers. In other words, his idea of legacy isn’t ours. He thinks FDR and Woodrow Wilson were wonderful, they just didn’t go far enough. He’s not going to depend on legislation.

    This AWB that’s been introduced in DC: it ain’t happening. It’s code words for the ’16 elections to the hard left and the SJW idiots. “We’re your people. We think like you. Vote for us and we’ll do this next time”. Obama has no such limitations, no concerns about his next term. He will issue executive orders to do anything he damn well feels like. People then either obey or go to jail, and until it works its way through the courts, it’s law. Like his immigration stuff that was shot down by a federal judge, appealed, and shot down a different time. Put the order in place, trap and make criminals of as many as he can, and let them pay the lawyers to fight it. He can outspend us forever: he has the infinite checkbook of the

    What those orders will be are the subject of speculation all over. I have no special gifts of telling the future. We’ll know within a few weeks, anyway.

  2. One effect of Ferguson to watch out for will be a further reduction in ongoing firearms training for Law Enforcement. Instead, more emphasis on “you racist!” sensitivity training and other politically correct drivel will take up more of the limited training time and budget.

    Which means we’re like to see incidents where cops, heads full of PC nonsense, are killed because they don’t want to look racist. More incidents of innocent people getting killed or injured by way of ND’s or missed shots, because the cops have never been properly trained on shooting under stress. More incidents of “fear biting”- shooting because the cop is freaked out in the situation, because they have no confidence as a result of the first two factors.

    And the like result of this is more of the same PC nonsense.

  3. As to your point about engaging the other side, on social media, with metered resolve, I agree. Since I have been blocked/banned from the likes of CSGV, MDA (and their state chapters too) and Everytown for simply pointing out factual inaccuracies in a mature and non-adversarial manner, I found other “Liberal” sights that continue to portray gun-rights advocates as heathens. Some of the most vitriolic commenters will eventually drop their outright angst about a topic if one simply replies with facts and do so in a fashion that is not outright insulting or demeaning. Sure, you can add a snarky comment from time to time but for the most part, be respectful and most of the time it is returned in kind.

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