The Big Apple to San Francisco: “Hold my microbrew”

I have covered the decline of San Francisco into a fecal dystopia, where drug addicts leave infected needles on public transportation, and law abiding citizens have been reduced to begging criminals not to rob them with polite signs.

Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio couldn’t lose the race to be the most progressive city in America, and so told San Francisco to hold his microbrew.

De Blasio’s plan to safely dispose of used needles is failing

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to have junkies toss their used syringes into special receptacles has failed to clean up drug-infested parks, and the bins are serving more as suggestion boxes — spreading the message that the city is OK with them shooting up there.

Exactly the same thing happened in San Francisco.  The Progressives had the brilliant idea of trying to reduce the spread of disease with needle giveaways and disposal and all it did is spread the message to ever drug addict on the West Coast that San Francisco is a drug friendly city and attracted the addicts to shoot up and die in the BART stations.

Official statistics obtained by The Post from the first six months of de Blasio’s controversial program show that parks in the Bronx are still littered with dangerous hypodermic needles, with nearly 60,000 found on the ground compared with just 7,000 in Hizzoner’s 44 locked containers.

Oh to be a New Yorker, go for a walk in the park, come home with hepatitis.

Even worse, the green metal bins are seen as a welcome mat for druggies to take over the parks, said one addict who openly injected himself in St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx Thursday morning with what he said was a speedball of heroin and cocaine.

“They’re giving permission with that box,” said Javier Martinez, 32.

“Kids don’t come here. They don’t build anything for them like a playground. If they don’t want us doing drugs, why are they putting the boxes here?”

I bet the law abiding parents of New York city are thrilled at that.  They pay some of the highest and fastest growing property taxes in the county but the city isn’t going to build their kids safe places to play.  The city will make room for junkies to shoot up in the open.

One of the men said he has AIDS but insisted he always bent his needles so no one could reuse them and contract HIV — unless they happened to step on one.

I guess it’s a good thing that the kids don’t go to the park.

I’m pretty sure if I took my kid to the park and he came home with HIV, I’d start clearing the junkies out of the parks with a flamethrower.

When the group abandoned the spot at around sunset, they left behind an assortment of trash that included more used syringes, empty packages of disinfectant tablets and the blue tops from plastic vials of sterile water used to mix the heroin.

Sounds lovely.

Data collected by the Parks Department from May 1 through Oct. 24 show that only 11 percent of 66,656 needles went into de Blasio’s bins, which are installed in 14 parks in the Bronx.

That’s a raging success by voluntary compliance standards.

Geoffrey Croft, of NYC Park Advocates, said the results proved the program was “a terrible idea from Day One.”

“Instead of addressing the dangerous public-safety conditions this activity creates, the city has turned our parks into shooting galleries,” Croft fumed.

Croft isn’t a Progressive.  He might even be a *gasp* Republican with that attitude.

He also accused de Blasio of unfairly targeting the Bronx for his “incredibly ill-conceived policy.”

“I’m certain the mayor would not dare place them in Carl Schurz Park [on the Upper East Side near his Gracie Mansion home] or Central Park,” Croft said of the needle receptacles.

It it just me or is it a coincidence that the worst open air heroin use comes from the same area that just elected Ocasio-Cortez to Congress?

According to the city’s figures, St. Mary’s, in the Mott Haven section, recorded the most intravenous drug use, with a total 21,434 needles collected there.

Only 163, or less than 1 percent, were safely discarded, forcing workers to pick the rest up off the ground.

They can’t end this now, it created goverment jobs… to fix the problem government created in the first place.  It’s the perfect Democrat system.

De Blasio spokeswoman Jane Meyer defended the program.

“The notion that these disposal containers are encouraging drug use is ludicrous,” she said in an email. “This program has removed thousands of syringes and is protecting our kids and neighborhoods. ”

But during an appearance last month to announce a “Bronx Action Plan” to combat fatal overdoses in the South Bronx, de Blasio refused to admit his needle-disposal plan wasn’t working.

“I can say there’s more we got to do,” he said.

“That’s why we’re doing this cleanup effort because clearly not everyone is using those kiosks who should.”

If at first your plans fail, don’t admit you made a mistake, just fail harder next time.  That’s the big government way.

The 2020 election is going to be all about Trump.  That is going to suck for all of us.

The Democrats are going to run a Progressive for President, they are just to committed to this insanity no to.

This situation in New York, as well as San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle needs to the focus of the GOP.

The Progressives can tell you how wonderful their ideas are and how compassionate they believe them to be.  The end result is the constant backfiring that turns American cities into open air sewers with HIV infected needles everywhere, where there are no places for the children of tax payers to play but the homeless are being given every comfort with an ever increasing budget for services aimed at them.

That is the progressive end.  The junkies will get free needles, free hot food, and free laundry services to sit in a park and shoot up, while the tax payers have to replace their car windows the junkies smash on a weekly basis.

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  1. City worker: “What? You want me to spend every day picking up filthy needles while the junkies sit on the benches and laugh at me? I’m voting Republican!”

    —- we can dream, can’t we?

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