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Temperatures climbed into the 90s Tuesday, which is why Tony Talarico tried to crank up the air conditioning in his partner’s Arvada home.

“I mean, it was 90 out, and it was right during the peak period,” Talarico said. “It was hot.”

That’s when he saw a message on the thermostat stating the temperature was locked due to an “energy emergency.”

“Normally, when we see a message like that, we’re able to override it,” Talarico said. “In this case, we weren’t. So, our thermostat was locked in at 78 or 79.”

On social media, dozens of Xcel customers complained of similar experiences — some reporting home temperatures as high as 88 degrees.

Xcel confirmed to Contact Denver7 that 22,000 customers who had signed up for the Colorado AC Rewards program were locked out of their smart thermostats for hours on Tuesday.

You thought you could control the temperature in your own home.

You were wrong.

Big brother controls the temperature in your home.

This us why I won’t own smart devices or why I won’t buy a self driving car.

I want to control the things I own, not have the things I own control me because they got a signal from Big Brother.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The conspiracy theorists have bern vindicated on smart homes”
  1. un “agenda21- ALL homes will have an internet connection thermostat…. Idiots run out and buy all this “smart” crap, refrigerator, stove, thermostat, front F’in door, ect. How the hell did America make it 200 odd years with manual everything?? Rremember the cars crackers hacked?? Ya, technogizmos make people fukkin stupider….

  2. I wonder whether a “dumb” thermostat could be used in lieu of the “smart,” presumably company-supplied thermostat, or if the AC unit itself is somehow locked or tied.

    1. You can change the thermostat. They have a similar thing in Florida and a friend of mine bought a house unaware of the “smart’ device till one night in August. He ripped the thing the next day and got the simplest substitute in the market.
      The funny part was that his account was NOT associated with any “savings” program. Still the thermostat shut him down

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