Back in February, I covered how an independent comic publisher, Devil’s Due Comics, created a comic book featuring Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a conquering heroine.

Well, it’s out on shelves now and more art from it has been released.

Moreover, the portrayal of AOC as Wonder Woman has pissed off DC comics causing them to send a cease-and-desist to Devil’s Due.

I am more concerned about some of the special edition cover art of her.

One of the most famous Captain America covers was that of Captain America #1 (1941) of the Captain punching Adolf Hitler.

That comic was written and illustrated by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, aka, Jacob Kurtzberg and Hymie Simon.

This is what Devil’s Due decided to publish.

Holy shitty-metaphor Batman!!!

So Trump is Hitler, because… why not.

But the heroes AOC and Ilhan Omar are two of the three biggest antisemites in Congress.

So two Jew haters are the heroes punching the most Israeli friendly President in US history on the cover of a comic created, drawn, and illustrated by two Jews.

This is just shit.

Then there was this other illustration that also pissed of DC.


This is a woman who has consistently shit on America as a racist and unfair place, built on a history of oppression.  Why would she be wrapped in an American flag?

Look, I get it.  She’s attractive, hip, and the “clapback queen” on Twitter.

But what the fuck has she actually done?

I mean get called out for her antisemitism and a ridiculous Green New Deal that got zero votes in the Senate, and cost New Yorkers 25,000 jobs and billions in revenue?

She’s got great form, her function sucks.

What this is most of all is an orgy of evidence of the double standard in politics.  If a comic book was drawn of Trump as Captain America punching Obama – which is pretty much what his economic policy is – we would never hear the end of how terrible that is and how it is the ugliest form of propaganda.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The cult of AOC personality cheering form on function (also it’s antisemitic)”
  1. Is there one single feature in the original cover that isn’t duplicated in the SJW Ripoff?

    They are completely incapable of any original thought. Just look at their political platforms. The policies are stolen from every failed Socialist and Communist movement.

    1. Nobody is trying to shoot, or otherwise stop, Commisar Cortez. She’s inflicting violence upon those who appear to be peaceably assembled. So, in effect, she’s an antifa thugette in cosplay rather than a black ski mask.

      1. Thank you. There is at least one difference between the original and the SJW Ripoff. The hacks did not include any guns.

        I guess the tender sensibilities of the SJW would have been offended if they saw any firearms or more importantly officials fighting back against Saint AOC and her “righteous anger.”

  2. So is this “Insurrectionist Ideology”? Oh right, That only mattered w/ the previous administration. Threatening violence against duly elected politicians is OK now.

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