From the NY Post:

NYPD tells cops they can’t take unscheduled days off after Chauvin verdict

The NYPD has told cops there will be no unscheduled days off beginning Monday, according to an internal department memo obtained by The Post.

The memo — effective Monday “until further notice” — is in preparation for any possible protests following the Derek Chauvin trial verdict in Minnesota.

The missive was issued Friday evening.

Officers can still take their scheduled days off at this point, “but that could change depending on the verdict,” police sources say.

The NYPD confirmed Saturday that the order was “necessary in order to satisfy personnel requirements for any post Derek Chauvin verdict protests.”

This is like when retail establishments tell workers that they cannot call in sick on Black Friday.

Everyone knows that nobody wants to be at work that day because it will be crazy.

If Chauvin is acquitted, which is looking probable, it will be a bad time on the streets of America’s major cities.

The cops know that if they end up getting violent with #BLM protesters, especially black protesters, those videos will go around the Internet and further fan the flames.

You can hear it now:

“After George Floyd’s murderer is acquitted, cops go on rampage against black Americans.”

There not a cop in America who will want to be at work on that day.

I suspect a massive Blue Flu pandemic.  Cops who can take the day off will, and those who can’t will be doing as little as they get away with and be as far away from protesters with cellphone cameras as possible.

You will be on your own.

Prepare accordingly.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The day of the Chauvin verdict you will be on your own”
  1. Well, legally speaking, you’ve been on your own for some decades (1976??) as courts have ruled multiple times that police have no legal duty to protect you.

    (Not that most of them won’t try, but you’re there before they can get there.)

      1. True enough. However, location is relevant, inasmuch as “location A” will have folks sniffing, “That is simply horrible! You will never convince me that what they did to that man can be right”, whereas in “location B” you will have, er, “vibrant” souls who will set you and your shit on fire.

        One individual doing so presents a considerably simpler targeting problem. Oh, yes: and watch your backstop.

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