I posted about this case and how it was trying to be played on the media: The Disinformation Never Stops. – Gun Free Zone.

And now we have the official report:

After consulting with the Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office regarding the circumstances of the South Holly Street fatal shooting last weekend, charges will not be filed against the homeowner. As a result, the homeowner’s name will not be publicly released.

The Columbia Police Department (CPD) and Solicitor’s Office have deemed the incident as a justifiable homicide under the Protection of Persons and Property Act. (SC Code of Law 16-11-410 & 420).

CPD investigators have determined that Donofrio who resided on South Holly Street, mistakenly went to the wrong home and attempted to enter by repeatedly knocking, banging, and kicking at the front door while manipulating the door handle.

As Donofrio kicked the door, the female resident called 9-1-1 for police assistance.

At the same time, the male resident went to another area of the home to retrieve a firearm. While the female was still on the phone with emergency dispatchers, Donofrio broke the front door glass window and reached inside to manipulate the doorknob.

At that time, the male resident fired a single shot through the broken door window striking Donofrio in the upper body.

Update: South Holly Street Fatal Shooting Deemed Justifiable – City of Columbia Police Department (columbiapd.net)

Again, this is not a case where anybody truly “won:” A young man lost his life because an absurd mistake and a homeowner went through the panic of what must have felt like a home invasion and then having to kill somebody who was not a criminal. This just so very sad for all involved and their families.

Hat tip to Clayton Cramer. 


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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “The Donofrio case: Perimeter was broken.”
  1. “…somebody who was not a criminal.”
    He certainly was acting like one; and actions can have consequences. I have little sympathy for someone who gets so zonked out of his skull he’d do something like this.
    Yes, I’m old. Yes, I was young once. And once – exactly once – I got so drunk I didn’t know where I was. I got lucky, and nothing bad happened. I also realized that I got lucky and never did that again.

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