which I won’t even dignify with a direct link.

The Majority of Americans believe .223 ammo should not be available to the public.
Those of us who feel this way want to do something about it.  What if we could remove all the
.223 ammo from the shelves of many big box retail stores, like WalMart?

On the 24th of  Februrary 2018, I purchased two 20 round boxes of Russian made, TulAmmo .223* for $4.99 per box or 25 cents per cartridge.
I do not own a firearm which uses this ammo. I bought it to remove it from circulation.
I bought it because I know those 40 bullets will NEVER be used to shoot me, you, your chilcren, their teachers and their friends.  You might laugh and argue this was a bad idea, but when I walked out of Academy Sports and Outdoors in Bastrop, Texas,……..I felt good.  My wife and I passed a young couple with two small children. I held up my bag and shouted
“These 40 223 bullets won’t kill you or your kids.”

So go to Walmart, Academy or other store, buy a box or two and take it to the local  police department. Tell the manager why you are buying them. Tell your local police department why to.
Vic Vreeland    Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

I checked the name and appears to be a real person suffering also with an extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome by what I found by the website sporting his name

Nothing much you can do with that level of mental discombobulation, but I did told him about Brownells selling the .223 by the frigging barrel. What can I tell you? I am a prick sometimes


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “The dumbest website you will visit (or not) today.”
  1. Clearly the real things are too scary to photograph … so use snap caps instead.


    This is right up there with all the magazines eventually being depleted and never again usable. (And I thought Progressives are all for recycling…)

      1. Huh. You learn something new every day. Those look just like a set of A-Zooms I have, right down to the color.

        Thanks for the correction.

      2. Besides the economic supply and demand ignorance (must be socialist) he seems unaware of 5.56 NATO, double facepalm.

  2. “What if we could remove all the .223 ammo from the shelves of many big box retail stores, like WalMart?”

    Geez, I’m trying my best, but I’m not made of money. A man can only buy and hoard so much!

    This reminds me, I need to get my Mini 14 out and give her some love.

  3. So the plan to get rid of .223 is to buy more of it, so the store makes more profit and will order more .223 from the manufacturer who just made more profit and has incentive to make more. And then donate it to the police department (who we know from the shrill “news” reports are all racist and only need the .223 to kill black and brown people) so the police can save money on their normal ammo budget and afford to go around shooting more black and brown people with the ammo that was donated to make sure it wasn’t used to shoot anyone. Do I have that right? BRILLIANT!!! Please share this website everywhere.

    1. The last thing a police department should do is to use “donated” ammunition. You’d have to question whether they are overloaded or otherwise dangerous reloads intended to harm cops. I expect they just destroy it. This guy needs to buy more ammunition that will be destroyed – the economy of scale will bring down the price for 223 for those of us who know how to use it.

  4. I don’t normally buy my 5.56mm ammo ( I reload A LOT) but I will buy some boxes. I see it as adding to the economy and ammo sellers.

  5. All you people are dumb.

    This is great. I want to contact the guy and set my self up as a safe ammo storage and disposal center and encourage more of this.

  6. This reminds me of a thread I was on several years ago with a guy who claimed that the .223 was “the most dangerous ammo ever invented.” He wanted it banned from the world.

    It simply didn’t matter that several of us gave him links showing the anemic nature of the round compared to many other, standard hunting rounds. He was one of these who used their ffffeeeelllllzzzz to determine their opinions instead of facts, reason, and logic. There is no way to have any kind of productive, useful conversation with people such as that.

    1. We really should begin moving away from the AR-15 platform. Let the anti-gunners call it a win. Let them gloat. Let them talk about how they got us to leave behind the vicious, oh-so-deadly 5.56 round.

      While we’re all buying the so much safer AR-10 platform, using the nicer, more friendly 7.62 round……

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