I saw this and then Miguel sent it to me, reinforcing the idea that I needed to make it into a post.

I said last week that the enforcement of Bruen is a Jewish issue.  When Jews are being attacked in the streets of NYC and the Waffen NYPD does nothing to stop it, Jews must be able to defend themselves.

This makes me double down on that.


After multiple synagogue attacks in recent years, disarming Jews in synagogue is an utterly ridiculous idea.  But it’s the sort of ridiculous idea that Leftist Jew haters, like the Governor of New York come up with.

We are a targeted minority, targeted in our houses of worship.  We must have the right to be armed and defend ourselves in our houses of worship where we are most vulnerable.

I absolutely support this lawsuit and I hope they win.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The enforcement of Bruen is a Jewish issue – Pt. 2”
  1. It brings to mind the old joke, I went to a bar last night and when I entered I was asked if I had a weapon. When I told them no, they gave me one.

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