This from The Hartford Courant:

Venezuela plunges into darkness amid widespread outage

Venezuela’s worst power and communications outage on Friday deepened a sense of isolation and decay, endangering hospital patients, forcing schools and businesses to close and cutting people off from their families, friends and the outside world.

While electricity returned to some parts of Caracas nearly 24 hours after lights, phones and the internet stopped working, several other populous cities remained in the dark as evening approached.

“I’m desperate,” said Maria Isabel Garcia, a 39-year-old office worker who hadn’t been able to buy food for her three young children because she wasn’t able to take money out of the bank on Thursday.

Elsewhere in the city, Dr. Luz Ardila Suarez, a gynecologist, said many staffers at the hospital where she works were still on the job Friday morning because they couldn’t get home the previous night. Like other hospitals, she said the facility was relying on generators but only had enough fuel for another day or two and that she was especially worried about patients in intensive care.

From the AFP:

Venezuela struggles with blackout as government claims sabotage

Large lines formed at the few gas stations open as people fetched fuel for generators. Some took gas from their cars.

The power “came for one moment and went away again,” Antonio Belisario, who had been waiting around an hour for petrol, told AFP.

From NPR:

Venezuela Runs Short On Power And Fuel

 “The electricity sector is a mess,” says Salmeron. Part of it runs on diesel. Supplies of diesel and also gasoline are running very low in Venezuela. Industry experts say in some parts of the country, there’s only enough to last a few days.

Zambrano says, just under one month ago, on the 12 of January, the electricity blacked out. “The hospital has a generator,” says Zambrano.  But it didn’t work because the battery was missing and there was no diesel to run it. The emergency room went dark. Electrically powered resuscitation equipment didn’t work.

I do not understand what everyone is complaining about, this is an absolute victory for the environmentalists.

The oil rich nation of Venezuela is producing very little oil.

People are not running their air conditioners, lights, or refrigerators.

People are not driving and fossil fuel burning generators are shutting off as people consume less gasoline.

The economic equality implemented in Venezuela has significantly reduced the carbon foot print of the average Venezuelan.

This is exactly what the Green New Deal is all about.  AOC, Bill Nye, and the rest of the environmental Left really should be taking a victory lap on this.

Maduro really is an environmentalist hero.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The environmental victory of Venezuela”
  1. Don’t forget that Chavez was granted extended speech time and roaring applause for his speech in Copenhagen, 2009.

    He basically said, that capitalism is to blame for global warming.

  2. Have they checked who was responsible for energy production in the five year plan and executed them?

    I mean that’s kept The Soviet Union going the past 30 years…. Oh wait.

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