AFTER THE ATTACKS IN FRANCE EC WANTS RESTRICTIONS ON LICIT ACCESS TO WEAPONS The European Commission DG Home wants to propose a semiautomatic ban for EU individuals, which look similar to military ones. This EC also wants stricter rules for arms control. Proposals for a new law or amendment to the Directive on firearms will be presented on Wednesday – the author learned from Union source PAP.  Initially the amendment was planned for next year, but the European Commission DG Home analyzing over the weekend the possible reactions to the Paris bombings recognized the need to accelerate the project.

Source: After the attacks in France EC wants restrictions on licit access to weapons

What do they want?

“Individuals will not be able to buy certain types of Kalashnikov – even when the law only allows the civilian semiautomatical version”

Full auto AKs were used in both attacks in Paris and they were more than likely smuggled from Eastern Europe. But let’s ban the ones that are not only semi autos, but hard to buy because all the gun control that is already in place. Yup, that makes sense.

“The Commission also proposes a ban for buying weapons and ammunition through the internet.”

There are a couple of European websites dedicated to gun sales, but nothing in the scale of Gunbroker and they have to follow the tortuous EU arms Directives 91/477 / EEC  and 93/15 / EEC  and then their own country’s particular legal crap. I am thinking the terrorists are not gonna go there for even ammo.

” It also wants across the EU the same rules for marking weapons so that EC could effectively “follow” these guns, even if they change the owner. “

As far as I know, guns over there must have a visible serial number such as here. I am betting this is standard EU standardization BS that has been the bane for all European products. Same as some ignorant bureaucrat in Brussels telling century’s old cheese makers how to make cheese and 14 years to figure out the standard for breakfast jelly.

“The Commission wants all national registers of weapons combined in a huge pan-European database.”

I give it to them, they are ballsy and aim high.

“The EC also wants further to restrict the ownership of deactivated weapons which could easily be converted to reactivated weapons.”

And after that, pictures of guns must be registered and kept in a safe location in a gun club somewhere.

And in case you have not figured it out, this is the outcome of the Small Arms Treaty the UN was so gushy about. I am going to predict they will be successful and make things easier for both the terrorists and the governments wanting even more power over their subjects.

But they are willing to let themselves be killed to prove the point that they are morally superior.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “The European Community’s response to the Paris Attacks? MOAR gun control.”
  1. Yeah, but it’s only the scary-looking ones they are going to break in and take away.

    (Gun licensing, my ass! It’s just a list of what to pick up after the jackboots have splintered your door.)

    stay safe.

  2. Build a Colosseum
    Fill the arena with Christians
    Allow the lions unfettered access to the arena
    Claim SURPRISE that the Christians get killed
    Then, as a response, build more Colosseums as the “solution” to the problem
    Rinse, Spit, Repeat

  3. I laugh, and fear for my German friend. He’s been talking about reenlisting, considering hos job is to work at one of the camps. He’s not to pleased with his government at the moment, this news might push him over. I wasn’t on Skype when he was on.

  4. We’re going to try and push back hard. Squashing this at EU level is probably “”easier”” than having that shit right at state level because there are still a number of countries where gun ownership is quite popular (Northern Europe, Germany …).

    Getting hunters involved is pretty hard. Most seem to be fudds, other seem delusional and think that the pols won’t ever dare come for them next.

    They just keep forgetting that there are just half as many hunters these days that there were 20 or 25 years ago. And their hunting rifles will be quickly rebranded as evil “sniper rifles” once AR15s, SIGs and other semi-auto AKs are gone.

    Man at some point you end up wondering who’s worse: ISIL or those politicians ?

  5. Me thinks that if the EU ministers travel to the US they should be required to shed themselves of their armed security detail. They should learn to feel how the ordinary person feels without access to security.

  6. I don’t understand the ignorance of some people,if someone attacks you their answer is to do away with guns.When they should be telling the public to be prepared, what they think they don’t shoot cowards or what. They must not realize a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

  7. I’ll be honest.. EU commissioners and Members of European parliament don’t have body guards
    . I know.. I am friends with some MEPs and I know a few commissioners. No body guards. Been out to dinner with me and a few get togethers (although not so much with the commissioners.)

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