Normally I stand against Woke hiring standards, but not this time.

For a group of people who will he carrying guns for use against citizens like me, I’m fine with them being the most out if shape and incompetent people the government can hire.

If this is a selection of the 87,000 new armed IRS officers they are hiring, we’ll be fine.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The good news is…”
  1. OK… the number of WTFs I had watching that made me cringe.

    First of all, they are pulling guns out of holsters in an office building? With the public present? Not a single one of them looked like they have ever heard of the four laws. That guy who ended up being second in line was fiddling with his holster like he had never seen it before.
    And, that entry? What would you call that, the 50 yard mosey? Where is any kind of urgency? I saw none. The suspects would have ages to destroy any evidence before they got there.

    Yeah… I hope that is the cream of the IRS crop.

    1. Don’t you understand, Peon, they are the government here to help you whether you want them too or not, fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness for the crimes they’ll later decide to charge you with. What kind of Peon would ever think to resist their mighty selves?

  2. you’ll never see me allow an officer disarm me like that. I will always request that I unholster and make safe my firearm… go ahead and cover me with lethal while I do it, but DAMN IF I’M GONNA LET SOME INCOMPETENT FUCK TOUCH MY HOLSTERED GUN. That’s a good way to get shot.

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