This was my morning on X.


This is a university grader and a teacher saying how they teach 2+2=5, and I’m mentally ill and defective because I refuse to accept their untruth as reality.

I’m not going to end the Department of Education like other Republicans want to.

I’m going to fire them and replace them with a Right Wing goon squad.

Any teacher who teaches 2+2=5 will be dragged out of the classroom, into the quad, and shot.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The J.Kb Dept of Ed”
  1. Having just reread 1984 … I can get behind this policy.
    A major theme from the book was denying any sort of objectively verifiable reality other than that prescribed by, and for the convenience and benefit of, the Party.
    And, this twit isn’t saying 2+2=5 in his written description of what he’s actually doing. He’s saying that something greater than 2, plus something else greater than two, equals about 5 … and then improperly rounding floating point to integer. Not that said twit would acknowledge it.

  2. And when you shot them, you use their system of math, the first shot was only halfheartedly done, so you doubled the shots but because your ears where still ringing from the previous shots, you doubled what you already did, and because there was only one event of ringing ears, it was only done once, within your elite progressive “Thought Experiment/Puzzle”.
    I think I could really get into implementing this type of Thought Experiment Puzzle, who knows where it will lead……I do like the poly rhythm feel of this progressivism.

  3. OK, a bit of a stretch to think “adjust salt to taste” is the equivalent of 2+2=5.
    However, I did not see the back and forth leading up to the recipe example.
    Interestingly, if the person receiving the “double” recipe thinks they come out too salty, they might decide that 5=4.
    Finally, because the person openly states that they are not using 2 teaspoons, they are using 2 teaspoons plus up to half a teaspoon (heaping them, instead of leveling them) his math actually is in line with reality. 1.25 teaspoon instead of a single level teaspoon makes the salt for a single recipe closer to 2.5 teaspoons, not 2.
    If they person posting this crap thinks this proves 2+2=5 in this situation, they are stupid. It is more like 2.(some additional portion) + 2.(another additional portion) = 5.

  4. This is the kind of d!psh!t that thinks throwing dirt on some cardboard equals a garden.

    ‘Abstract thought’ /= ‘you must accept any random bullsh!t that I spew out”

  5. The meaning of “2” is defined. The meaning of “+” is defined. The meanings of “4” and “5” are defined.

    If you insist “2 + 2 = 5”, you are using your own definitions, and cease to be doing math or communicating anything meaningful. You are a solipsist, insisting that you define reality. You are a dangerous lunatic.

    In 1984, the purpose of forcing people to state lies is to make it easier to make them to repeat other lies, and to be afraid to state the truth. The goal is to gaslight the entire nation, so no one dares state the truth and eventually people accept the lies by habit.

    That is the left’s goal. Orwell saw it in action, and to his credit was disgusted by it and wrote a warning for the rest of us. One of the current campaigns to do so is “trans” nonsense. “Men can have periods” is just another statement of “2 + 2 = 5”.

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