If you were on Twitter yesterday, you might have seen Christ is King trending.

The controversy stems from something Andrew Klavan said on his show that is being deliberately misinterpreted.


First of all, Andrew Klavan isn’t Jewish.

He was born unto an ethnically Jewish family, but wasn’t practicing. He converted to Christianity as an adult, and us very open about his Christianity.

But this has metastasized on the internet into, “the Jews want to ban us from saying ‘Christ is King'” or “the Jews are saying Christ is King us antisemitic.”

No, it’s not.

I can assure you, we are not trying to ban Christians from having an affirmation of faith, and saying “Christ is King” as an affirmation of faith isn’t antisemitic.

The problem is the way Groypers LARPing as Christians use Christ is King.

This is a perfect example:


Or perhaps this from Candace Owens, who has been playing footsie with neo-Nazis, when lashing out at Ben Shapiro in a passive aggressive way.


This use of “Christ is King” is in the same context as a Southern woman might use “bless your heart.”

It’s not said in niceness.

It’s not an affirmation of faith, it’s “fuck you, Jew.”

It’s a blasphemy.

This is the ugliness of Groyper-Christians. They are not Christians. They claim to be, but they don’t act very Christian.

Groyper-Christians are not feeding the hungry, helping the needy, or doing good works.

They are not volunteering at church or building hospitals.

That is hard work.

Hating people is much easier.

They believe that being a good Christian is to hate Jews for rejecting Christ.

I can’t tell you how many times this is happened to me on Twitter.

Some Groyper wil fill my replies with absolute Jew-hatred. Post antisemitic memes and quotes that are supposedly from the Talmud about how Jews hate Christians which are as fake as the Protocols of Zion, then end their rant with “Christ is King.”

These people have latched onto certain aspects of Christianity for the sane reason they latched onto Palestinian rights, to give legitimacy and a veneer of righteousness to their Jew-hatred.

They were Jew-haters first, and discovered they could use the theology of Christian Supersessionism (which no major sect of Christianity adheres to anymore) to make their Jew-hatred seem virtuous.

It’s not virtuous. It’s ugly. It’s using Christ’s name in vain. They have turned an affirmation of faith into an insult to hurl at Jews.

Now that they are being called out for it, they are retreating to a defensive position of “the Jews are trying to stop us from being Christians.”

No, we’re not, and they were never really Christian to begin with.

If you’re a Christian, you are absolutely entitled to your affirmation of faith.

We have no desire to take that from you.

And of you’re a Christian, you should be equally offended at these Groypers LARPing as Christians, who will end an antisemitic rant with an affirmation of faith used an as insult.

It’s not Jews vs. Christians.

It should be Jews and Christians vs. Groyper-Christian LARPers.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Jewish perspective on “Christ is King””
  1. I have been a student of both the Old and New Testaments for over fifty-five years. I a believe Jesus of Nazareth was and is the Old Testament Jehovah God born without any physical contribution from Joseph nor Mary, Mary was simply the vessel of honor used for Jehovah to create Himself as a Jewish Man.
    That said, I have been raised to respect and uphold the Jewish People before my God, no matter how they view Jesus of Nazareth. I take my personal position on Jews from Paul’s writing of Romans Chapter Nine.
    That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: Who are Israelites; to whom pertained the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises: Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen. 

  2. I was raised as a Christian, with the explicit belief that the world is divided into Jews and Gentiles … and Christians are included in the “Jews” group.
    And yes, I’ve heard all the arguments: “Jews killed Jesus, we should hate the Jews,” etc.
    That one in particular leaves a part out that’s kind of important: Jesus was meant to die pure, uncorrupted by sin, to atone for the sins of the world. This was God’s plan. If the Jews of the era hadn’t done it, someone else would have — probably the Romans, but there were dozens of nation-states He upset enough. The “who” doesn’t matter: Jesus was meant to die to save humanity, and nothing was going to prevent that. Period. Full stop.
    So I don’t understand this ill will people who call themselves Christians have toward the Jews — not those back then, nor those now. Why hold a grudge against people who were fulfilling God’s divine plan?
    My personal opinion is that “Christ is King” is an affirmation of faith, and using it in ANY other context or with ANY other purpose is a blasphemy of taking the Lord’s name in vain. There’s a Commandment against that.
    And the Lord has a LONG history of seeing not only what a person says and does, but the heart and state of mind in which he/she says and does it. He could tell that the rich men’s extravagant temple offerings were inconsequential to their wealth while the poor old woman’s two pennies were everything she had to give. I guarantee He can tell if a person’s “Christ is King” is a statement of faith or a “F— you” to the Jews or anyone else.
    Who do these people think they’re fooling?

  3. This has nothing to do with religion. There, I said it. Got it out in the open.
    What is this all about? Offense, and being offended. And, using that emotional response to bully people into conformity.
    The muslims may not have invented the technique, but they perfected it. The transgender “movement” turned it into an art form.
    This is nothing but another group trying to leverage their “offense” to force compliance with their thoughts, ideas, or political position.

  4. Those who are in Christ, regardless of ethnicity, are part of Abraham’s seed. Those who deny the son, regardless of ethnicity, do not have the Father. Galatians 3:29, 1 John 2:23

    Romans 9:6-7 states “For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel. Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children.”

    In Romans 11, Paul uses the metaphor of an olive tree. The natural branches (Jews) were *broken off* because of unbelief, and wild branches (Gentiles) were grafted in. Yet there’s hope that the natural branches can be grafted back in ONLY if they accept Jesus Christ—who is the root. (Revelation 22:16)

    The Old Covenant was completely fulfilled and rendered *obsolete* with the destruction of the Temple in AD 70, as indicated in Hebrews 8:13. This marks a transition to the New Covenant, which is open to all through faith in Jesus Christ

    No one who rejects Jesus Christ has any covenant with God simply because of their ethnic background. “God’s Chosen People” initially referred to the Israelites but has now been expanded to include all who believe in Jesus Christ, irrespective of ethnic background. This is based on passages like Galatians 3:28-29, which emphasize unity in Christ regardless of ethnic distinctions. What are God’s people chosen for? The answer in both the new and old covenants is simple: Jesus Christ. You can’t reject Him and be part of God’s Chosen People. Period.

    1. Travis thanks for posting. I would like to add that the OT is and will also be relevant and God, who is Jesus of Nazareth, will always be the God of Israel and the OT Law will always be essential in the salvation of God for mankind, namely because the faith of the true believers in Jesus the Messiah establishes the OT Law in that Sin cannot be known nor understood without it.
      Romans 3:28-31 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law. Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also: Seeing it is one God, which shall justify the circumcision by faith, and uncircumcision through faith. Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yes, we establish the law. 
      Abraham’s faith is the example for all Jews and Non-Jews a like….today and in the past and for all time going forward.

  5. More revisionist history. Easter has a long bloody history of blood libels followed up with murderous pogroms throughout European history. Every Easter the “homo fags” hiding in Xtian closets, rattle their bones.

    The Fundamental Difference between Jews from Goyim. Condensed to a few pages of reading. Goyim take immediate “offense” when Jews points out their total and complete ignorance of the Hebrew T’NaCH. That’s their problem, and thankfully not mine.

    The power of the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva to raise rabbinic mitzvot unto mitzvot from the Torah. For Jews the zenith of our spiritual experience in life – the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Goyim never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

    Therefore, Goyim love to believe in fanciful mythologies and their revisionist history calls these mythical belief systems – a real life experience. For a Jew to make “Aliyah” of rabbinic halachot unto Sinai Torah commandments – herein defines the vision: that all Jews in all generations stand and accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

    Orthodox Judaism FAQ • Answers to frequently asked questions on Judaism

    To keep shabbat requires knowledge how to distinguish shabbat from the weekday. This discernment of languages employed within the Hebrew T’NaCH qualifies as making “the” most essential “הבדלה”. Torah faith which bases itself through the expression of common law, absolutely requires – as the most basic requirement of understanding Oral Torah logic – the skills required to make logical inferenced reasoning.

    For example: the Torah commandment – not to work. Biblical translations, they hide a multitude of sins. The word “work” expressed as מלאכה: skilled labor. While עבודה: unskilled labor – also subsumed under the word translation: Work. Every Goyim Bible translation of the Hebrew T’NaCH makes this most basic and fundamental perversions of the original texts in Hebrew and in Aramaic – like the example of the Book of Daniel. Daniel a mystic and not a prophet. Ooops

    The bible translations “broad brush” of “work” conceals this subtle דיוק/inference logical distinction. The Talmud studies how different languages say the same thing, by means of making דיוק/inference logical distinctions. Examine the Targum Onkelos and witness a masterpiece by which a scholar makes a near Hebrew/Aramaic 1:1 translation.

    The study of this Targum assists all generations of “down- stream” pupils to learn the Aramaic employed by the Talmud Bavli. Gemarah-Aramaic repeatedly employs the clause: “מאי נפקא מינא”, which asks the question: “What’s the differerence”?

    The study of the Torah commandments, all 613 Torah commandments, most essentially requires asking this מאי נפקא מינא question, which possesses the power to transforms positive & negative commandments – which do not require k’vanna; to tohor time oriented commandments, which do require k’vanna. Herein a concise definition of Oral Torah logic as expressed through Talmudic common law.

    Why do Jews not believe in JeZeus? Any belief in a myth as in- fact historical and real life; such false prophet, false messiah, Xtian theology does not understand tohor time-oriented commandments. This type of Torah commandment the New Testament remains totally oblivious to its Top Priority which defines Jewish spirituality.

    A failure of Torah understanding, which compares to check-mate in chess. Gehinnom, a mussar message within the pages of the Talmud? Xtian avoda zarah, mythical revisionist history, perverts Talmudic mussar, into a bi-polar dynastic dispute which pits Heaven and Hell, God vs. Satan. Jews absolutely reject Xtian preachers Fire and Brimstone sermuns. Xtianity exists for us as but just another example of false revisionist history. For 2000+ years the Jewish people have abhorred and decried belief in the JeZeus myth, as a false messiah-avoda zarah.

    And for 2000+ years Goyim have both ignored and despised the Jewish rejection of their theological belief systems. They abhor the Talmud because this body of Jewish legal common law scholarship, which seeks to make an Aliyah of rabbinic mitzvot, and make them on par with the Sinai revelation, as the Oral Torah definition of Jewish spirituality.

    Goyim resent that Jews refer to their attempts at theological revisionist history as bull shit. It truly offends Goyim, that Jews call what Goyim heart-feel-believe, as jibberish nonsense on par with the ancient generations of the past who whole-heartedly worshipped graven idols, which they crafted with their own hands as their personal Gods.

    The idea that Jews fundamentally reject all the theologies creeds and dogmas of the church, as no different than crafting a piece of wood into a God and placing that revisionist history of a God upon a pedestal to worship; herein explains the basis why Goyim often turn into a horde of locust Haman Amelekite antisemites.

    New Testament theology amounts to revisionist history. The church abomination must have a physical JeZeus. Despite the explicit Torah statements: God is not a man that he should not lie. Furthermore, T’nach does not teach history, despite the quisling assimilated historical/conservative Judaism narishkeit which prioritizes the subject of history over prophetic mussar.

    The T’NaCH defines prophesy: as a tohor person who commands mussar. This prophetic mussar – applicable to all generations of Israel. But Prophetic mussar only impacts the lives of Jews who live inside the oath sworn lands. G’lut Jews, they lack the wisdom to observe doing mitzvot לשמה.

    Hence the T’NaCH and Talmud for g’lut Jewry, a closed-sealed Book. Jews living in g’lut lands struggle with assimilation. Many of these Jews convert and embrace the revisionist history theologies which pervert myths into actual historical events and whole heartedly likewise believe in JeZeus as God, and Muhammad as the prophet of Allah. And similar tumah avoda zarah.

    Goyim spirituality too seeks to elevate their theological Creeds unto the holiness of God. The Nicene Creed and Muslim belief that if a Man believes in Allah and Muhammad as the prophet of Allah, that this belief converts that Man to becoming a Muslim. Two attempts made by Goyim avoda zarah theology to duplicate the spiritual vision of rabbi Akiva’s פרדס kabbalah of the Oral Torah revelation at Horev – following the tumah avoda zarah of the Golden Calf.

    Goyim theology, oblivious to the fact – that any translation of the Name revealed in the 1st Sinai commandment, (The Greatest commandment in the whole of the Sinai, uniquely Jewish spiritual experience.), perverts שמור מצוות לשמה to belief in Torah commandments לא לשמה. This perversion of the רוח הקודש שם השם לשמה to common words which the lips can easily frame and pronounce – herein defines the k’vanna of the Golden Calf which defines avoda zarah throughout the generations.

    Witchcraft, by stark contrast, compares to a tumah – false prophet – it by definition attempts to predict the future. This New Testament revisionist history, it totally ignores the chief defining concept of “avodat HaShem”; the Torah restriction placed upon the House of Aaron ((The oath alliance sworn at Sh’Cem – the k’vanna of the Rabbeinu Tam tefillen.)), to only dedicate an oath/sacrifice while breathing tohor spirits; the critical subject of tohor vs. tumah spirits: like the Sinai experience – which only the Jewish People accept to this day – the New Testament revisionist history totally ignores.

    Hence the New Testament (Roman counterfeit) declares that JeZeus fulfilled the words of the prophets. Proof that the New Testament promotes false prophet theologies. False prophet theologies defined as a predetermined creed/dogma which dictates what and how people should believe in God as an act of faith.

    The Torah defines the tohor concept of faith as: Justice, Justice pursue.

    Based upon the cruel corrupt and oppressive Courts of king Par’o, who withheld straw to Israelite slaves and who thereafter ordered the overseers to beat without mercy Israelites for our failure to meet our quota of bricks, as imposed upon us by king Par’o.

    Through a treacherous act of deception, Par’o tricked Israel unto slavery. Par’o pretended that Egypt faced a crisis of bricks. Israelites volunteered to make bricks for Par’o. Par’o supplied these Hebrews with the straw we required to meet Egypt’s needs for bricks. The tale of bricks produced under voluntary conditions, thereafter became the quota of bricks imposed upon Jewish slaves. Hence the Torah writes: Par’o did not know Yosef.

    Yitro likewise commanded a strong mussar to Moshe. When he witnessed that Moshe judged all Israel disputes by himself alone. Justice defined, based primarily from Yitro’s mussar rebuke to Moshe, as the power of common law courtrooms to make fair restitution of damages inflicted upon Jews by other Jews.

    Muhammad pulled a similar rabbit out of his tumah magic-hat as did the New Testament. The Koran rhetoric repeats prophet, prophet, prophet Ad infinitum, yet never defines – from the Torah – the term prophet. The Gospels avoda zarah duplicates this same tumah Abracadabra, with the ((to quote Baba Kama: “Mountain hanging by a hair”)), the Pie in the Sky Xtian term of: Love.

    T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Why? Because mussar applies straight across the board to all generations of bnai brit Israel. Bnai brit Israel grows the תוכחה\mussar prophetic rebuke within our hearts.

    We grow and nurture this prophetic mussar within us. And these “tohor spirits” (based upon the revelation of the שם השם לשמה), they live within our hearts. Prophetic mussar causes bnai brit Israel to dedicate defined tohor middot (‘ה’ ה’ אל רחום וחנון וכו, also known as the Oral Torah revelation at Horev), in all our future social interactions with our family, neighbours & people.

    Hence the mussar spirituality known as: the baali t’shuva. Mesechta Sanhedrin of the Talmud learns the mitzva of Moshiach emphatically tied to the mitzva of baali t’shuva. Based upon the prophetic mussar of Moshe and the burning bush confrontation.

    Wherein Moshe vocally opposed to go down unto Egypt to bring Israel out from judicial oppression slavery. Yet Moshe, as a baali t’shuva, descended unto Egypt and brought Israel unto freedom. Moshe serves as the Torah mussar model for the tohor time- oriented mitzva of Moshiach. Furthermore, Moshe did not build a Catholic assimilated Cathedral as did king Shlomo. King Shlomo worshipped avoda zarah. A significant מאי נפקא מינא distinction between the mussar of Moshe from the avoda zarah of king Shlomo son of David.

    Moshe struggled to build the small sanhedrin Federal courts on the far side of the Jordan river. When king David, ((based upon the mussar commanded by the prophet Natan)), commanded his son Shlomo to build the Beit HaMikdash, he had no such k’vanna for king Shlomo to assimilate and copy the customs manners and ways of the Goyim.

    Goyim who reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, and who build Cathedral Temples throughout the annuls of their Human History. The mussar k’vanna of the Moshiach, to build the Beis HaMikdash, learns from Moshe Rabbeinu who established the small Sanhedrin Federal Courtrooms in 3 of the Cities of Refuge on the other side of the Jordan river. And this mussar k’vanna does not learn from the avoda zarah of king Shlomo son of David who built the First Jewish assimilation to Goyim cultures and custom: the Temple.

    The mussar mitzva of Moshiach constitutes as a tohor time oriented commandment; applicable to all generations of the Jewish people, just like tefillah stands in the stead of korbanot. All mussar tohor time oriented commandments, applicable to all the Jewish people throughout time. All tohor time oriented commandments stand upon the foundation\יסוד of “fear of Heaven”. Hence the Oral Torah common law as codified in the NaCH, it to makes an aliyah of prophetic mussar unto Torah Sinai commandments. Jewish spirituality spin around the axis of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Just that simple.

    This mussar foundation: definitively expressed through the Torah commandment – judicial justice pursue. This prophetic mussar requires that a baali t’shuva dedicates a tohor middah לשמה. Which tohor middah does the mussar mitzva of Moshiach require, as its holy defining dedication לשם השם לשמה? The mussar middah dedication, to restore the lateral Sanhedrin Federal common law courts across the Torah Constitutional Republic, based upon the mussar which Yitro commanded Moshe.

    Not ‘religious fetishization’, of how the Sages of the Talmud interpreted judicial common law? A question which requires an answer: מאי נפקא מינא between Statute Law from Common Law? Among the Jewish people, the T’NaCH Talmud, exerts a strong cultural masoret, practiced among and between Jews. Assimilated Jews refuse to address the fundamental distinction which separates Common Law from Statute Law. Unto this very day, the Yeshiva education institutions fail to ask the essential מאי נפקא מינא question which separates משנה תורה common law from assimilated Roman statute law.

    Roman Statute Law, according to the Talmud, qualifies as assimilated avoda zarah. Kapo Jews: too, an example of avodah zarah. Why? Because they “convert” to cultures and customs practiced by the dominant Goyim majority. Therefore, how does the logic format in Jewish common-law differ from the logic schematics which defines and separates Roman statute-law, from Jewish common-law? מאי נפקא מינא?

    Many Traditional Jews chose to follow the path defined as: ritual religiousism. Such ritual religiousism Jews, they tend to view: Jews who follow the path of Talmudic common law – which requires פרדס logic – ((a very tiny minority know anything about Talmudic common law today.)) Does this tiny minority qualify as a small ‘tiny voice’, a Bat Kol, from Heaven? No, not in the least. Torah prophetic mussar breathes within our hearts, in all times and generations.

    Muhammad, by stark contrast, declared that an Angel dictated the Koran. He knew nothing about prophetic mussar like and similarly comparable to his ignorance between tohor vs. tumah spirits. Angels according to this bi-polar perverse theology come from a bi-polor Heaven/Hell theological paradigm. Giving proper Names to Angelic beings, a post Babylonian g’lut assimilated trauma.

    The sages of the Talmud emphatically rejected this theological premise, which Arab theologian/philosophers stood upon Aristotelian logic. Torah comes from the Earth and not the Heavens. פרדס mussar logic distinct and apart from ancient Greek logic philosophical formats. Track-n’-field sports by comparison, involves many completely different Sports skills. Long distance runners require completely different skill sets from the one, to the other Track-n’-field sports combats.

    Torah learns from the Earth, and NOT the Heavens. Torah commands Mussar NOT History. A distinction of Depth that Goyim remain blind thereto. The theology of Historical/Conservative Judaism confuses History with Mussar. The Talmud often teaches: How to logically think. RATHER than what to logically think. Mussar requires the wisdom knowledge how to logically think. Church theological dogmatism-creeds: command what a person believes as true. A huge: מאי נפקא מינא.

    T’NaCH/Talmud common law (also known as משנה תורה) usually, or at least frequently, learns by comparing similar cases – the one compared to the other. The study of literature refers to this as the discipline of: “Compare & Contrast”. This type of comparative competitive logic, completely different from the Ancient Greek mathematical syllogism deductive logic (If the premise wrong, then the conclusion reached – likewise wrong.).

    Inductive reasoning totally distinct and different from deductive reasoning. Ancient Greek deductive logic completely and totally different from Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס logic inductive reasoning, which makes comparisons of Case/Rule precedents to similar judicial Case/Rule rulings of law. The difference between the skill set of marathon runners, from athletes who specialize in running the mile in under 4 minutes; contrasts Oral Torah common law to Roman statute law avoda zarah.

    The Torah mussar k’vanna learned to the mitzva of lighting the lights of Hannukka. To learn Torah using the פרדס logic system. Which by definition totally rejects the ancient Greek philosophical schools, despite their worthy accomplishments; which perhaps achieved the ultimate elevation of thought. Nonetheless two totally diffierent logic formats which frame thought. The revelation of the Oral Torah, with its 13 tohor סודות middot, defines Jewish spirituality. The concept within the Talmud of רוח הקודש, means blowing the שם השם לשמה, like the case of blowing the Shofar. 3 + 13 + 3 ((the order of the Shemone Esrei blessings)) tekea tr’uah, shvarim ———-———- קום ועושה/ שב ולא תעשה\ טהור זימן גרמא מצוות.

    Mesechta קידושין teaches that tohor time oriented commandments, as applicable to women, qualifies as a רשות option. This concept of רשות, it most essentially defines the k’vanna of all tahar time-oriented commandments, as they apply not just to women but to Goyim as well. If a women chooses to place tefillen or read from a Sefer Torah, these tahar time-oriented commandments come within the רשות of her Will to sanctify the Torah. The NaCH kabbalah בנין אב (which means: precedents) for this Talmudic ruling, the story of D’vora & Barack fighting together to defeat the Army of Sisera.

    Another example which explains “all” tahar time-oriented Torah mussar commandments, which “all” deal with some crisis – life or death – situation(s): the reading of the Megillah of Esther: The fast made by Queen Hadassah. Where she made the רשות choice to approach the king and plead for mercy for the Jewish people, at the threat to her life; to thwart the efforts of Haman and his attempt of the war-crime genocide.

    Purim and Pesach share a “כרת-like” common denominator. Purim links to learning avoda zarah: which prohibits assimilation and intermarriage with Goyim. While Pesach links to learning the removal of chametz which teaches the essential נמשל, the removal of avoda zarah from within our hearts, in order to accept the Torah without any av tumah avoda zarah – in our midst.

    Counting the Omer, yet another prime example of the exact same tahar time-oriented commandment. The 42 letter Divine Name, known as אנא בכח, carries the mussar k’vanna dedication to remove the Av tumah avoda zarah from within the bnai brit hearts; who thereafter reading a listing of korbanot within the opening pages of the Siddur, dedicate a tefillah oath known as Shemone Esrei.

    Tahar time-oriented commandments require k’vanna. K’vanna makes a mussar Order of priorities. Removal of avoda zarah most essentially obligates Jews not to assimilate and embrace the cultures, traditions, and mannerism practices by any particular person or people who reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Herein defines the Torah tumah commandment against “assimilation”. The New Testament myth revisionist history knows nothing of prophetic mussar which defines the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev.

    Removal of avoda zarah obligates Jews not to intermarry with Goyim, who never accepted the revelation of the Torah mussar at Sinai. Both Xtianity & Islam promote belief in some Universal Monotheistic God. Both Unitarianism type religions of avoda zarah, promote assimilation and intermarriage with Goyim who do not accept the revelation of Torah mussar at Sinai.

    Tahar time-oriented commandments require k’vanna. A fundamental example: the תפילת ערבית says קדיש before davening tefillah whereas תפילת שחרית adjoins the 3rd rabbinnic blessing סמוך to תפילת שחרית. The קדיש prayer establishes a mussar Order of k’vanna.

    According to how Rabbeinu Tam learns the Av Mishna of ברכות, a person should place tefillen when accepting the yoke of the kingdom of heaven in תפילת ערבית. Whereas Rashi learns this Av Mishna which links the time when Cohonim can eat their t’ruma, to after 3 stars appear in the Heavens. מאי נפקא מינא?

    The קדיש which separates the 2 + 2 blessings which surround the kre’a shma ערבית, that קדיש establishes a partition which separates, through mussar k’vanna, the kre’a shma ערבית and attaches that tefillah of kre’a shma, to the מנחה shemone esrei, which – like tefillah ערבית employs a קדיש which separates אשרי יושבי ביתך וכו from אדני, שפתי תפתח. The Order of קדיש links tefillah ק”ש ערבית to the tefillah shemone esrei of מנחה. A powerful mussar k’vanna of tefillat ערבית as a רשות מצוה.

    Because 3 Stars have yet to appear in the heavens (the sh’itta of Rashi on the Gemara of ברכות), that Shemone Esrei davened while yet shines the Sun of day. Therefore, the k’vanna of the tahar time-oriented commandment of tefillah, known as ערבית: רשות to attach that kre’a shma tefillah דאורייתא to the מנחה Shemone Esrei דרבנן. And likewise attach the Shemone Esrei ערבית to the קריאת שמע שעל המטה. This kre’a shma unlike the davening of the other two kre’a shmas: said without tefillen because clearly 3 stars visible at that time. An interesting מאי נפקא מינא.

    The oath sworn alliance, known as “Brit”, (like as found in בראשית\ברית אש, ראש בית, ב’ ראשית, yet incorrectly translated as “covenant”.), this key Torah term, “Brit”, means “alliance” and also “Republic”. The 12 Tribes forged this oath brit alliance which established the First Commonwealth of the Torah Constitutional Republic of the 12 Tribes. Based upon the Torah precedent, (known in Hebrew as בנין אב) upon Moshe anointing Aaron and his House as Moshiach.

    This key Torah term, does not correctly translate into “Covenant” because the latter does not fundamentally require swearing an oath שם ומלכות. Tehillem prayers lack שם ומלכות; this type of spiritual praise does not compare to swearing a Torah oath brit alliances by means of שם ומלכות.

    Aaron, the anointed Moshiach, dedicates korbanot. A korban sacrifice does not at all represent a ‘Barbeque unto Heaven’.

    To dedicate a korban absolutely requires swearing a Torah oath. Just as to cut a brit לשם השם לשמה requires swearing a Torah oath. Just as the Shemone Esrei standing tefillah requires the k’vanna to swear a Torah oath, through the dedication of one or more defined tohor middot.

    Blessings contain שם ומלכות. The שם ומלכות precondition, required to swear a Torah oath. The first verse of the ק”ש, contains 3 Divine Names together, a סוד mussar kabbalah to the 3 oaths sworn by the Avot, wherein they each cut a Torah oath brit with HaShem לשמה. Striking! The ק”ש lacks שם ומלכות! The mussar k’vanna of ק”ש, teaches that the translation of מלכות to king – just wrong. On the inept order of “covenant”. The term מלכות refers to the tohor 13 Oral Torah middot.

    The tahar time-oriented mitzva of Moshiach, a mitzva applicable to all generations of Israel. ((מאי נפקא מינא between tohor and tahar? Tohor applies to males while tahar as a רשות, applies to females.)) Just as tefillah and the mitzva of shabbat, and all other Tahar time-oriented commandments, applicable to all generations of Israel. Swearing a false oath or public profanation of Shabbat, both carry the din of – כרת. The din of כרת – a life or death crisis of faith. For example: If a רשע refuses to give his ex-wife her ‘get’. A beit din can make a נידוי decree of כרת, and there-after issue a ‘get’ and free that woman, based upon the precedent of prosbul; permitting her to do the tahar time-oriented commandment of קידושין.

    The revisionist history of Xtian avoda zarah lacks the wisdom to discern between T’NaCH/Talmudic mussar common law from Roman statute law. This Av tumah avoda zarah has witnessed: oppression and cruelty, that far surpasses the evil ways of Par’o and the Egyptians. This false prophet, false messiah – based religion – proves the Gospel declaration of: “By their fruits you shall know them.”

    The church stands guilty of the Shoah blood of Caine: Inquisition mass public torture, 3 Century ghetto war crimes, annual blood libel slanders, mass expulsion of Jewish refugee populations from virtually every European country etc etc etc.

    This Av tumah avoda zarah condemned by the נידוי כרת decree, as expressed through the k’vanna of the 9th middle blessing, within the Shemone Esrei oath blessing. Swearing a Torah oath through the mussar mitzva דרבנן of Shemone Esrei, raises this tefilla to a tahar time-oriented oath commandments דאורייתא. At Sinai Israel denounced and rejected avoda zarah.

    Tahar time-oriented mussar mitzvot can include all the halachot contained within the mitzvot, posok halacha, within the Talmud. The Oral Torah פרדס logic kabbalah of rabbi Akiva has the power to elevate rabbinic mussar mitzvot, to mitzvot from the Torah at the revelation at Sinai. Hence all tahar mussar time-oriented commandments require the Oral Torah k’vanna learned through the פרדס logic kabbalah taught by rabbi Akiva.

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