The orthodox Jews of New York are very not happy with being targeted by Governor Cuomo on top of Mayor de Blasio.

Some piece of shit decided to try and use the internet hate mob to go after the Orthodox by taking pictures of them at Synagogue not masked.


Mayor de Blasio announced today, that houses of worship that continue to have mass gatherings will be fined $15,000 per day.

Why is that a big deal?  It is the middle of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.  

This is like Jewish Thanksgiving and Jewish Oktoberfest rolled into one.  It is known as the Feast of Tabernacles and is a harvest holiday.  It also celebrates the Exodus from Egypt.  The last day of Sukkot is Simchat Torah, where Jews are commanded to Drink in celebration.  It’s notable as being one of the major Jewish holidays that is actually fun and now a dower time of reflecting on once again avoiding slavery and extermination.

So as the Jews of New York City are enjoying Sukkot and approach Simchat Torah, the Governor targets them for having the Synagogues locked down and the Mayor threatens to fine them $15,000 a day.

There was a protest.

Note the total lack of looting and smashing of windows.

It was, by every measure, an actually peaceful protest.


Which means the Governor had no tolerance for it.

If you want to know why Cuomo and de Blasio feel it is absolutely necessary to go after the Orthodox Jewish community for celebrating Sukkot while hamstringing the NYPD’s ability to tackle BLM protesters, just look at the video below.


One Jewish community leader said this:


If the Orthodox wanted to roll up on Gracie Mansion with some Merkavas, I’d totally support that.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The Jewish Uprising of 2020”
  1. I love every patriotic hued, zero BS comment you make, especially in relation to exposing what antisemetic pièces of shit putz breath Deblasio and the Italian Reptilian are inside and out. And I agrée, the ratings starved NBA can now go woke themselves longtime.

  2. Many Muslim holidays follow a similar format to Jewish holidays; multiple days of gatherings to celebrate, pray, and share meals. Several even coincide on calendar dates.

    Are Fuhrer Cuomo and Oberst de Blasio threatening to shut down and assess thousands of dollars of daily fines on mosques for violating gathering limits? Or are they only targeting Orthodox Jews?

    Just Jews?

    I wonder why that is….

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