I’ve been have the live feed the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearing on all day.  I decided to check Twitter and discovered just how insane the world outside the Senate train wreck is.

It’s bad.



The way her arms are crossed?

The internet is on fire with the accusation that she is throwing a white power sign.


No, no it’s not.  He’s making that up.

The Left leaning ADL says No, the “OK” Gesture Is Not a Hate Symbol.

Know your meme gives the history of the OK gesture as a hoax.

Even Buzzfeed had to admit The Trump Internet Keeps Making Fake Hate Symbols, And People Keep Falling For It.

And fall for it, these idiots did.  The problem is that this poor clerk is now the target of Lefty rage.

Cornering a woman is a bathroom is always a good plan.

Or better yet, how about we destroy her career because people suffering from TDS have lost their damned minds.

I seriously hope Ms. Bash has a security escort.  With how insane this has gotten, I’m afraid for her safety.



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh hearing has hit new levels of batshittery”
  1. Take a close look at that video.

    She is not even giving the OK sign. The way she is moving her thumb and index finger looks like she is scratching a mosquito bite or something like that.

    Not only are they making up “white supremacist” symbols, they cannot even be bothered to actually watch the video clip and realize what is happening.

    If someone on the right side of the aisle was to grab a screen shot like that of a democrat, and make a big deal about it, they would be laughed off of Twitter.

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