Let me introduce you to a Leftist political strategist:


This is her Tweet thread:


And the last one she deleted because she said too much:



Now it makes sense why Biden won’t harden schools.


If you’re kids might die and only the Biden Administration can save them, who are you going to vote for?

That’s their strategy.

This also explains why the Biden Administration is sacking its own dick over flying in a little bit of formula from Europe while bottlenecking domestic production.

They are holding your children hostage.

They created the problem and pretend to have the solution.

She let it slip a little too much but there it is.  That’s the plan.

Vote Blue or your kids will die.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Left will make sure school shootings will continue”
  1. They are some sick f***s. At least what they plan has been published for the world to see.

  2. Make them fear for their own kids lives? They just spent two years doing that with Covid.

  3. The question here is, how far will the leftist strategize? Will they ‘make’ their political opposition submit by forming partnerships with powerful global anti-American interests…when their political opposition fights against them? Will they weaponize the FBI, CIA, and other agencies to create the crisis necessary to justify, as they view it, a revoking of constitutional rights to (as they say it) ensure our safety? They know we know they figured out how to manipulate the electoral college system of elections, they know we are going to fight back, and they planned for that from the beginning. I submit to you that…everything they need to defeat their political opposition again in two years is already in place, already underway, already established, to the point that…there really isn’t but one political party operating behind the curtain, and it’s a global bought out one, one with all the bases covered right now. Are you ready for the younger members of your families to beg you to comply….for their sake? When faced with the threat of losing the life they are emotionally attached to? My defeat will come from within…but I will not comply.

  4. I just read an article saying that Dem politicians have sent questions to Mayorkas asking him to explain what BORTAC did, and why they acted when local police had already decided against acting.
    Hm. What is their motive in that move?

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