Shooter known to authorities. ✔

Shooter known to have mental issues. ✔

Shooter warmed about engaging in future acts of violence. ✔

All info about this particular shooter released within 4 hours of event. ✔

It is like there is a script that must be faithfully followed.

PS: The 3-week Copycat warning is now running.

Prepare accordingly.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “The Mass Killer Checklist is progressing nicely.”
  1. and I hate to be the one to promote ‘conspiracies’, but it’s awfully convenient that this happens right when there’s a massive push for gun ownership among a traditionally anti-gun demographic.

    Edit to add: AND a bill/amendment to protect Vet’s 2A rights. And this guy is said to be a reservist.

    1. Not just a reservist. A long-serving NCO (Sgt. 1st Class, enlisted 20+ years), with multiple decorations and commendations.
      And this comes at a time when, as you mentioned, there’s a push for gun ownership among traditionally anti-gun demographics, and a bill to protect the 2A rights of veterans.
      Also at a time when the U.S. military is ramping up show-of-force presences around the globe, including to assist one of the most-hated nations on the planet, Israel. I have the feeling we’re going to be creating a lot more combat vets in the near-ish future, and the question is going to be asked: “Do we really want all these PTSD cases to have their full gun rights?” If a 20-year veteran can just “snap”, what does that say about the 20-year-old on his first actual tour?
      And as Miguel said, we just (finally!) elected a new House Speaker: Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana*.
      “Conspiracy” or not, something isn’t passing the smell test.
      * – He seems OK on a few issues I care about. He’s publicly opposed “gun control” legislation, voted against enhanced and “Universal Background Checks”. Supports strengthening our borders and halting immigration from non-cooperating countries. Overall more MAGA than RINO, so this could be interesting.

      1. Speaking of the smell test, reading through that linked FOX News piece, if that’s his mugshot at the top, did he get a haircut, thin his beard, and gain 20 pounds in between the shooting and having his booking photo taken?
        I’m no forensic photo analyst, but to me the man in the security camera stills and the man in the mugshot look similar, but there’s enough difference in some odd places to make me suspect they’re not the same guy. The man in the security stills is thinner, has bushier hair (parted the other direction), and a much thicker beard. Looks younger, too; the man in the mugshot has a graying beard, but the man in the security stills does not.
        They could be the same guy, but not without some significant grooming in between the photos, and when would he have done that?
        I’m not saying their guy isn’t THE guy. I’m just saying that given what they’re showing, I’m not 100% convinced. Doubly so since there’s a lot of other stuff going on in the background that this event seems specifically designed to upset.
        As an aside, this is why relying on security cameras to “stop crime” is bullsh!t. The stills are so grainy and blurry you can’t positively identify who it really is!

        1. As of this afternoon (Supposedly) he is still on the run.
          Although I swear I heard he was taken alive in to custody last night? I also remember they said there were 22 dead.
          Stay calm and double check anything we hear.

          1. Yep. 72-hour rule is fully and firmly in effect. Nothing we hear in the first few days can be counted on to be accurate.
            Meanwhile, I wasn’t in the market for an AR rifle, standard mags, or .223/5.56 ammunition, but now….

      2. I’m with you on your opinion but would point out that I know many war vets who struggle to some degree with their time in service after entering civilian life again. I’m not sure what the percentage of war vets with PTSD are that “Snap” and take up arms against civilians, but I’m betting it’s very minimal. .
        And this particular NUT has been a nut on several agencies’ radar for an extended period of time and given that this story is dropping faster than a ten-ton rock, it’s probably due to the agency with the most knowledge of this guy’s insanity wants to avoid as much embarrassment as possible.

  2. I am curious how long it will be before this disappears or is downplayed.
    Remember the Las Vegas shooting? As soon as people began to say “wait a second here….why didn’t _______?” it seemed to disappear from the news.
    Too many, way too many convenient things in this shooting. The 2nd A community must start questioning. A lot.

    1. It already seems to be disappearing: Meta and the Zuckerborg Algorithm aren’t actively promoting the story, it’s barely showing up on Google News, and I’m having difficulty finding any updates to the story online from the national networks, only local affiliates.

      I’d bet money that this dude’s social media platform was filled with pro-Palestine, anti-Trump, anti-conservative screeds before it was scrubbed clean.

  3. Was allegedly committed to a mental institution and had convictions for child porn and other related crimes. Plus everything you listed. Yup gov doing its normal job of not actually doing its job.
    I guess it all comes down to how he acquired the gun. Guessing NICs was missing some info.

  4. Now there is unconfirmed reports that there were 2 people involved and police have one and still looking for this guy. He was on sex offender list… lots of hinky things with this along with all the usual “they knew about him and did nothing”…. atf has alert out looking for information about this guy..

  5. The sex offender is not the shooter. Somebody mixed them up. Similar names. I had located his home address last night, and they had a police chopper circling it. Waste of a chopper IMO…

    1. This comment is a good example of how things like this get reams of mis information and speculation. Thank you Mr Birdog!

  6. They found him yesterday near a place he worked, dead.. probably been dead since Wednesday… saved We the People further hysterical bullshiite and tax dollars. Now we just have to weather the political shiite of “gun control gun control “….

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