This is an old Tweet but it resurfaced because of what Biden said about green military vehicles.


It’s a good thing the Sea Sparrow is environmentally friendly when it hits its target and plunges thousands of pounds of aircraft full of thousands of pounds of heavy metals, toxic ordnance, jet fuel, plastics, etc into the ocean to sink to the sea floor.

The problem is that the MIC relies on government funding and politicians who allocate that funding have agendas, so defense contractors have to waste time and money on stupid shit like this.

As the government gets more and more invasive into every area of business and people’s lives, everything is going to be more like this.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The MIC doesn’t have to be this stupid”
    1. It usually starts about 6 months ahead, so in the April timeframe, as companies start lining up support for new or continuing large programs. By the time we get to August/September, it should be final negotiation, horse-trading and apple-polishing. Which explains that tweet’s timing.

  1. Back in the 90s klinton requested the military develope “more environmentally friendly” explosives to keep the tree huggers happy….

    1. oddly enough there’s a Professor Klapotke in Munich whose research team is ostensibly working on “green” explosives but seems to mostly spend his time seeing how many nitrogen atoms can be stuffed into a,single molecule without destroying the building. His work features in several of Derek Lowe’s legendary “Things I won’t work with” blogs

  2. We want a better future for all the children of the world, that’s why we develop green missiles. So when those missiles explode innocent children, we aren’t hurting them by hurting the environment.

    If Piccard face palmed this he’d shoot his head off into low orbit.

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