This is a real article published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Who are the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial?

It gives important life details like job, age, race, sex, and home town of jurors by number.

I’m not providing that information here.

This right as jurors go to deliberations.

This is jury intimidation by the Leftist media.

Fair trials are dead, Klan tactics are the new standard.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The Minneapolis Star Tribune engaged in jury intimidation”
  1. On the one hand, all the information they printed is essentially public information.

    On the other hand, with some sleuthing and an axe to grind it might be enough to dox a juror or two.

    For example, the chemist in their 20s is most likely an employee of 3M or staff/student of a university. Highly likely they’re submitting time cards with ‘jury duty’ listed as the reason for absence. What eyes in those respective HR departments are going to violate employee confidentiality in the name of justice? HR departments are not exactly bastions of conservative thinking and tend to employ midwits for entry level positions.

    1. Doesn’t even have to be HR.
      The guy’s coworkers know. His boss knows. His neighbors may or may not know. He’s probably got some freinds and family who know, or at this point strongly suspect.

      All it takes is *one* of those people to be “woke” enough to want to punish him for his privilege.

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