I thought that the Jersey City Kosher Market shooting would have fallen off the media’s radar by now.

One would think that murder of two Jews, a market employee, and a police officer, at the hands of two Jew-haters who published antisemitic screeds online, would be in the headlines for weeks, like after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

But as one of my regular readers keeps posting in the comments:

It is not the action being taken by the person that causes offense, it is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes offense.”

In this case, the issue is not (only) the political affiliation of the shooters, but the identity of the shooters.

The perpetrators were Black Hebrew Israelites, an antisemitic, black supremacist group.  The Black Hebrew Israelites are also the same group that taunted the Covington Catholic School boys in DC that lead to that media scandal as well.

With the knowledge that the perpetrators of this shooting were not white supremacists in MAGA hats, with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks, who drove to New Jersey from a Red State: having no way to blame Trump for this, the media would drop this story in a day.

Case in point: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib deleting her Tweet blaming the shooting on white supremacy and not issuing a correction or making any other statement.

But… I was wrong.

There was a way that this story could get worse.  The more Progressive media could shift the narrative.  What could they shift it to if they can’t blame it on Trump?

It’s the fault of the Jews.

That is the feeling of the Jersey City locals who are not part of the Jewish community there.

Why not spread this nationally.

Miguel wrote a post yesterday, For The Atlantic, the Jersey City Shooting is inconvenient.  I read the article and a passage stuck out at me like a hot poker in the eye.

In most important areas of American life, Jews now tend to face fewer disadvantages or forms of discrimination than members of many other ethnic or religious groups do. At the same time, they continue to attract the dedicated hatred of a small minority of the American population, and this does—especially if they can readily be identified as Jews—at times put them in serious physical danger.

This complexity defies how many powerful people—including a large number of left-leaning journalists and policy makers—perceive the world. For some, matters of racism or privilege are always and exclusively structural. A group either stands at the top or at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Since most American Jews are supposedly white (whatever that means), they are presumed to enjoy special privileges. As one of the founders of the Women’s March argued in a statement that, incredibly, was meant to address accusations of anti-Semitism in her movement, “White Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy.”

Translation: Jews are too rich and successful to be victims, and they have white skin* so are part of white supremacy.  Therefore the Jews deserved to be shot up by black people.

*The victims were Orthodox Jews who were dressed Shomer Shabbos and wore payot (long sideburns), so I doubt that they would be confused for Bushwood Country Club members any time soon.

Both of these facts are necessary to make sense of what happened in Jersey City on Tuesday. Yes, African Americans suffer from deep injustice in this country—and every American should regard it as his or her duty to remedy this. And yes, Jews suffer an elevated threat of deadly violence—and we must stand in solidarity with its victims even if the identity of their murderers scrambles ideological preconceptions.

If the debate about structural racism is highly complicated, the moral truth about Jersey City is nevertheless straightforward.

Translation: We can bring ourselves to condemn the murder of rich, white supremacists Jews, by poor, oppressed blacks.  So we’ll sort of waffle and kinds of say it’s justified in a way that keeps us from being accused of antisemitism ourselves.  Even though that’s what we’re doing.

The Atlantic wasn’t alone in their Jew-hating narrative push.

Then there was this Tweet and Article from the Wall Street Journal (now deleted because of backlash).

That article contained this text:

Translation: The white interloper* Jews aren’t victims, they deserved it because they were gentrifying a black neighborhood.  

*The Freddy’s Fashion Mart attack which killed eight, happened when Al Sharpton called the Orthodox Jews in Harlem who ran the store “white interlopers.”

This is absolutely fucking grotesque, but not unforeseeable.

For the Progressives who traffic in victim status and maintain a social caste structure around historical grievance, they can’t simply ignore Jews being victims of POC violence.  A large part of the Progressive narrative supporting antisemitism is based on anti-Zionist smear that “racist white Jews are killing poor, brown Palestinians.”  This is why Progressives often justify Palestinian terrorism as “resistance.”  Even when it means adult Palestinian men murdering Jewish infants in their cribs.

These Progressives have to square this attack with their world view, and the only way to do that is to blame the Jews for their own murders by claiming that “actually, the black community are the real victims of white Jewish racism.”

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The new narrative on the Jersey City Kosher Market shooting”
  1. What I find reprehensible about Ms. Johnson’s comment about not overlooking the black community is not that somehow Jews deserved it or anything like that. It is the one upmanship of it.

    Imagine if you found out that you had some kind of terminal illness, inoperable brain cancer or whatever. And, when an acquaintance found out, they insisted on talking to you about how horrible their Uncle’s gout gets after he eats shellfish.

    The victims of this shooting were truly victims. They were targeted because of their religion. No other reason.

    On the other hand, (and I know that racists and racism does in fact exist) blacks have the tools available to them to get out of poverty, to be successful, and to overcome any “institutionalized” racism. (Whatever that is.)

    Don’t like how your gout flares up after eating shellfish, stop eating it. Don’t like your brain tumor… well… how is that your fault in any way?

  2. Once again, the Left turns to it’s normal “It’s Not Victim Blaming When We Do It”.

    If not for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

  3. “It is not the action being taken by the person that causes offense, it is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes offense.”

    And in this case, it’s also the Persona Non-Persona of the victims.

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