Two days ago I said it was time for Jews to get out of New York City.

Then more news broke, and I am going to have to reiterate this point.

First, in the New York City subway, as reported by the New York Post:

Woman shaken by anti-Semitic attack on subway by nut shouting ‘Allahu akbar!’

An Israeli student riding a subway train in Manhattan said she was verbally and physically attacked by a woman who hurled anti-Semitic comments at her and another Jewish passenger — and yelled “Allahu akbar!”

In a video posted after the attack, Lihi Aharon said she boarded the train at Wall Street after her college’s induction ceremony last week and asked the woman if she could remove her bags from the seat next to her.

haron said she then sat down across from Ali next to a Jewish man wearing a yarmulke.

“As soon as I sat, that woman started cursing and yelling at him about him being a Jew and ‘Allahu akbar’ and how Allah will end us all,” she recounted in the five-minute video, in which a scratch is seen on her face.

Here is that video:

Second, from Jersey City (where shit seems to be getting worse by the day), as reported by Fox News:

Jersey City education official who called Jews ‘brutes’ in Facebook post is urged to resign

A Jersey City Board of Education member is facing calls to resign by Gov. Phil Murphy and the city’s mayor after writing a Facebook post describing Jews as “brutes” in the wake of last week’s mass shooting at a kosher supermarket.

Joan Terrell Paige’s post, which also questions whether shooters David Anderson and Francine Graham had a point to make in targeting Jews, came in response to another person’s comment about the Dec. 10 fatal attack at the JC Kosher Supermarket that left a police officer and three civilians dead. It appears to have been removed from Facebook, but was preserved in screenshots.

This is the screenshot:

Note the same theme in this Facebook post that I wrote about this shooting a week ago, that the Jews deserved to be killed because the black community is the real victim.

This woman’s opinion is being supported by the Democratic Black Caucus.

This is an endemic problem.

It is crystal clear here that no matter how many Jews are attacked, beaten, and killed, we are not part of the Progressive victim hierarchy, and Progressives will only care about the murder of Jews if they can blame it on the Right.

They can make this woman step down but the attitude still exists.

Trotsky’s Law is in full effect in the NY/NY Progressive bubble.

This is bad, and it’s only going to get worse, and the Jews of that region need to get out before every attack turns deadly and the murder of Jews becomes a daily occurrence.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Jews, get out of the Big Apple area while you still can”
  1. But they’re not anti-Semitic, they’re just protesting Israeli settlements in “Occupied Palestine.” (sarcasm off)

  2. OK, so Ms. Terrell seems to believe that blacks are the real victims. In reality, she may actually be correct. However, it is not for the reason she thinks.

    What is her claim? Jews came into the neighborhood and “forced” (my words, not hers) the blacks to sell. How can they do that? How can anyone, except a government holding eminent domain rights, force someone to sell? (HINT: They can’t)

    Which means the homeowners were coerced somehow. She mentions two ways. First was with money, which I read as they offered above the current market price. Which tells me that the people living there were not financially stable enough to resist the temptation of fast cash. I love my house, my neighborhood, and my neighbors. You would have to make an offer WAY…WAY….. WAAAAY above current market price in order to entice me to move unwillingly.

    Would that technique work on someone that is financially stable? Maybe… odds are not if they like living there.

    Which leaves the second technique. Moving in drugs and prostitution. Putting aside the fact that Jews are not known for either of those things, it is once again a matter of how financially secure is the average person in the neighborhood? if the average person in the neighborhood is financially stable, odds are the police are paying attention. A crack house, or brothel would be shut down quickly. (well, unless the Jews are conspiring with the police…)

    What is the fundamental underlying cause of both situations? A victim mentality. And, who is cultivating and encouraging just such a mentality? Yeah. Politicians.

    If the blacks would just get woke and realize that they are getting bent over by the very people that are claiming to help them, they would as a group rise out of poverty and racism would be eliminated almost completely overnight.

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