Dear Jews,

Get out of New York City, you are not welcome anymore.

I don’t care how progressive you think you are, the rules of the Left are simple: the heroes of the revolution are the first to get purged when the party takes power.

And the first of the first to get purged are the Jews.  Always the Jews.

I have called this the Trotsky effect.  Trotsky was a hero of the Bolshevik Revolution and a founding member of the Politburo.  Until Stalin took over at which point he was murdered with an ice-axe to the head.

Jews have been at the forefront of the Progressive movement, and are now getting purged.

I have documented the beatings, assaults, and violence directed at the Orthodox in New York City at the hands of mostly black and brown youths.  The violence that has gone unpunished and virtually unacknowledged by the New York City government.

I have also written about the narrative shift about the Jersey City Kosher Market shooting, to blame the Jews for their deaths because they were a gentrifying force.

I know that many Progressive Jews were inclined to ignore that because the Progressive Jews are not fans of the Orthodox or Hasidic Jews.

The long knives are out for the Progressive Jews now too.

From the New York Post:

Teacher tells students to boycott Beacon HS after white girl accused of racism

A black teacher at Manhattan’s Beacon High School told cheering students to boycott the elite campus Monday after an incident involving a white Jewish girl sparked complaints about a racist environment.

“What we’re asking of all students: Do not come to school that day to show solidarity for the support of not just students of color but all students at Beacon in providing a safe space,” said a teacher who identified himself as “Mr. Green” at Friday’s boisterous cafeteria gathering, which was videotaped.

“Until the demands are met, students are not to return to school,” the teacher — identified as science instructor Demetrius Green — exhorted the crowd of hundreds of teens.

A black teacher is fomenting outrage in minority students against the school.

Friday’s protest was set off by allegedly “racist remarks” that a black student claimed he overheard a white Jewish girl make in a confidential meeting Tuesday with two white Jewish guidance counselors.

A black teacher is fomenting outrage in minority students against the school over alleged hearsay in a private conversation.

The girl told The Post that she was only seeking support for her own college plan at the time. Disappointed that she was put on a waitlist at a top university, she and the counselors were reviewing Scattergrams, charts on admission data, showing that some students with less academic qualifications than she were accepted, said the teen, whose name The Post is withholding. The counselors mentioned scholarship programs for minorities such as Posse and QuestBridge, she said.

“The context of my private conversation included my disapproval about the unfairness of students who were accepted to college without meeting the rigorous criteria that I and others worked so hard to achieve, because they might be athletes, afforded financial scholarships, and/or get seats based on affirmative action programs, as opposed to academic achievement as the first and only criteria,” the girl explained in a statement.

Uh-oh… that’s not a very progressive thought.  Progressivism is all fine and dandy until it keeps your hardworking kid out of college.

The black student barged into the meeting and berated the girl and her counselors, causing a commotion.

Because that is a perfectly normal and civilized thing to do.

As word spread, the girl became the target of cyberbullying and threats, she said.

The internet outrage mob strikes again.

One Instagram post accused her of saying “minorities stole her spot,” and “Im not gonna go to schools for black and brown people or ppl who are retarded.” It concludes, “…she’s definitely Messing with wrong group of ppl. She CLEARLY don’t know how we grew up cuz that bitch looking to be destroyed LITERALLY.”

Is that a death threat?  Methinks that is a death threat.  Also, slander if it is not true.

Another Instagram post said, “As a proud future QuestBridge scholar, let me tell you something about myself: I deserve it. If you got rejected from a school you wanted to attend, do not bash other people who have worked hard their entire lives and were not born with silver spoons in their mouths.”

Translation: The Jewish girl deserves all the bad things in her life and nothing that she’s worked for because she’s privileged.

The girl said other students twisted her words out of context and falsely accused her of racism.

That’s how the internet outrage mob works.

Later, she said, one of her teachers chided her, telling her, ”People are going to hate you because you’re Jewish,” and “You don’t understand your privilege.”

The teacher spoke the absolute truth.

[A student] also complained that the administration had failed to apologize for the white girl’s remarks.

“Here we are three days later, and kids of color have not received an acknowledgment about the situation,” he said.

On Sunday, some students posted a list of “Official Demands,” including a call for Beacon to publicly apologize for “allowing racism to fester” for years; ”probes of the guidance counselors” who met with the white girl; mandated workshops on “implicit bias” for students and staff; and ensuring that faculty hiring “mirrors the diversity” of NYC’s students.

It also demands that students who take part in the boycott or sit-in “will not face any repercussions.”

The students are demanding that the school destroy the Jewish girl and her guidance counselors because she complained in a private meeting that she worked hard in school to get good grades but was being passed over for college acceptance.  That conversation was overheard by a black student who then lit the fuse of the outrage mob.

They want all students to suffer the indignity of “mandated workshops on ‘implicit bias.’

Lastly, the kids who are attacking both the girl and the school for their hearsay inspired rage don’t want there to be any negative consequences for their actions.

I can’t imagine something like this happening when I was in high school, but here we are today.

Trotsky’s law is playing out to full effect in New York City.

Liberal Jews helped drive progressive causes and now the Progressives are destroying the Jews.

There are two takeaways from this:

One: Jews need to reevaluate their support for progressive ideals, especially those that come back to bite them in the ass.

Two: It’s time that the Jews move out of Progressive dystopias like New York before the violence gets any worse.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “It’s time for Jew to leave New York City”
    1. It was something I learned a long time ago when I studied the dekulakiation of the Soviet Union.

      For the farmer with 10 cows, the farmer with 100 cows was a Kulak to be sent to the Gulags. Once all the farmers with 100 cows had been liquidated, to the farmer with 1 cow, the farmer with 10 cows was a kulak to be sent to the Gulgas.

    2. When I was in University, I had a black girl in our working group. She never showed up for any meetings, she didn’t do any of the work, and when the assignment was due, she would hand me a scrap of paper with her name on it and two sentences as her “contribution” to the project. When she got a ZERO for her efforts, she accused the professor, the University, and everyone around her of being a racist.

      No, we were not racists, she was just a lazy entitled dickhead who thought it was easier to accuse everyone of racism, as opposed to just admitted to herself that she lacked the intellect to keep up with the complexity and volume of the workload.
      I think reality has a lot to do with what we are seeing in schools today. Many “students of colour” were completely unprepared for how technical and difficult some work at University or College can be, and they need to find a reason for their failure; that doesn’t include themselves.. I’m sure it is very frustrating, but it is becoming more and more obvious that some folks just don’t have what it takes for an advanced education.

      1. I’m white as the driven snow and I wasn’t prepared for college because nothing I encountered in highschool came close to the workload of even basic level classes in college. We need to as a nation reevaluate what highschool is supposed to teach you and what college is supposed to mean. I don’t think it is purely a color thing but a poor foundation and philosophy of education for most schools thing.

  1. I guess that “confidential” meeting wasn’t very confidential. One wonders about guidance counselors who have meetings with students and don’t close the door.

    1. I believe they are advised to leave a door open in case of a false claim of sexual assault or harassment.

  2. Whole lotta guilty consciences there.

    And the teacher leading this crap should be fired and their credentials revoked.

  3. “As a proud future QuestBridge scholar, let me tell you something about myself: I deserve it.

    Not, “I earned it,” but “I deserve it” with an implication that “you don’t” because you’re a white privileged jewish b***h. If I were her or her family I leave NYC behind and head for a red state where there is some semblance of freedom and tolerance. I’d also arm up and learn how to defend myself and my family.

  4. What privilege does she have? Some whites reject her as white because she is a ‘dirty jew’. Blacks think she is white so she isn’t a minority either. Most of the Muslim population would rather slit her throat than say hi to her. She gets taken for granted by the Democratic party and ends up being the doormat in the outrage olympics. I see no privilege there.

    1. Remember, the group defining what Privilege Is holds that the highschool dropout son of an Appalachian single mother is more privileged than the daughters of Former President Obama.

      They keep using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

  5. Yeah, no. Sure they can move, but they’ll bring their politics with them, and end up creating more division. I say let them reap what they’ve sown.

  6. So… minority students and faculty disrupt and annoy everyone based on flawed hearsay in the name of punishing racism?

    This is how you grow actual racists. Irony.

  7. No, don’t export that poison ideology. The progressives who can afford to flee their destruction are why good places are turning purple, and decent places are turning blue.

  8. Is it more important to be Progressive or Jewish?

    Are you Jewish and believe never again; or Progressive and submit to the authorities and register your guns, curb your speech, and renounce “Your Privilege?”

    I have seen where these Progressive Democrat policies have led for the last 50 years, and where they will inevitably end, with riots, pogroms, and mass graves. Why don’t more people see?

  9. I hope that it finally clicks that the Radical Left actually believes what they have been saying publicly for all these decades.

    One of the takeaways from Tom Wolfe’s essential “Radical Chic” is that the wealthy progressives looking for status in nostalgie de la boue don’t really believe what their pet primitives are actually saying.

  10. One Holocaust was enough. Jews should flee NYC and be somewhere they can be armed, up to and including, anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery.

    Times are coming that will make the Nazis look like amateurs. Oh, and it will not just be the Jews; Christians will be persecuted too.

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