The scenario is getting close to reality and unfortunately not because anything the Democrats are doing.

This is pure Senator John McCain. All bluster and attacks to their party members and doing the work of the Democrats.

If Trump thinks he has Florida secured; he does not. And a lot of Floridians like me and J. Kb. moved to other states but have Florida in our thoughts and will have no issues telling our neighbors why we won’t be voting. It may be contagious, who knows?

Trump and his fanatical branchers are behaving like Yankee carpetbaggers telling them dumb Floridians they are better than us.

And that would be the worse decision by a business mogul since the Shark Tank dismissed Ring doorbell camera.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “The one where Biden gets re-elected.”
  1. Welcome to the circus… “politics” is a distraction. If you don’t vote for someone We the People will spiral further down into chaos.. Miguel/ Mr J 2024!! (Just make me head of ATF)…

  2. Trump is a thin skin narcissist who is butthurt that he lost and is not the most popular Republican anymore. His high level backers want to split the party and Trump is too blinded by ego to see it. Hard core Trumpers who think DeSantis is a RINO are morons sucked into the cult of personality. DeSantis has delivered where Trump only made promises.

    1. First, President Trump didn’t lose, the vote counters won.
      Second, so much for not name calling.
      Third, I prefer Trump, but will vote for DeSantis if he is the nominee, even a rino supported nominee is better than any kind of demoncrat.
      Fourth, if the vote counters aren’t held to account, DeSantimonious will “lose” bigly too.

  3. I have no problems if we hold primaries with the proper campaigns and debates. But this shit of trying to bully people into HAVING to vote for Trump and fuck my possible other choice or I am a traitor? Well, fuck you back, go buy votes and do elections like the Democrats do if you want to win. I am staying home and so does anybody I can convince.

        1. Ah. See, I’m a registered Democrat. (Given where I live, it was a considered choice to have a “beard,” politically. Or perhaps a goatee … after all they already think I’m evil.)

  4. People need to stop voting for candidates. They need to start voting for platforms.
    Sorry, but Trump is a viable candidate for President in 2024. So is Ron DeSantis. So is Greg Abbott if he decides to run, in my mind. (Frankly, I kind of like Abbott, but recognize there are not enough people looking his way.)
    The issue here is the Trumpers are “no one except Trump!” and will do what they can to stop other viable candidates. I saw it here in my state during the midterms. Instead of working together, the GOP fought internally, and a dem won. Stupid.
    If the Trumpers do not understand the politics is a dirty business, and you have to cuddle up with the other side sometimes to get things moving, they need an education.

    1. Oh, I like that, only Trumpers fight against other repubelicans, all the other possible candidates are so upstanding and forthright and put the country first and all that crap. Trump was the only candidate in the last two elections that clearly put the country first. As a Texan, I know that Abbott puts his career ahead of everything else, he does what he thinks conservative Texans want, not because he actually believes that way. He followed the demoncrats on ChinaFlu, until he saw how well what DeSantis did and how popular that made him in Florida, then flipped like a pancake.

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