For the last few days, I have been writing about the cause of mass shooters in the United States, both lone-wolf white men and predominately black gang violence.  They both largely stem from the same place, a sense of hopelessness.  Young men who believe they have no solid future of value, so retreat into ideological extremism or fatalistic recreational violence.

There is another side to that coin of hopelessness.  It’s not the opioid addiction crisis and suicide problem.  Though that is part of this too.

I’m talking about despondent childlessness.  The Huffington Post did an article on it, and in one of the worst cases of journalistic malfeasance I can think of, gave this credence.

9 People On The Ethics Of Having Kids In An Era Of Climate Crisis
Readers share heartbreaking and searingly honest stories about their decision whether or not to have children because of climate concerns.

I want to make it very clear, what you are about to read is the manifestation of a mental illness forced upon people by the political Left.

In an interview with British Vogue, published last week, Prince Harry suggested that he was thinking of having a maximum of two children because of his climate concerns.

He’s not the first high-profile figure to link reproduction to the climate crisis. In a July interview with Elle, Miley Cyrus said, “We’re getting handed a piece-of-shit planet, and I refuse to hand that down to my child. Until I feel like my kid would live on an earth with fish in the water, I’m not bringing in another person to deal with that.
” Her interviewer responded, “I feel like that’s what all millennials are dealing with right now.”

The planet is fine.  The idea that there will be no fish in the sea in the next century because of climate change is ridiculous.

Most people today have never taken a natural science course.  One of the great things about going to a school with a renown geology and paleontology program is that you can learn so much about how the planet used to be.

Ask young people this question:

“Can you name the species that put so much corrosive and poisonous gas into our atmosphere that it changed the climate of the planet and nearly wiped out all life on earth?”

I can guarantee you, they will all say “humans.”

The correct answer is “cyanobacteria.”

It was called the Great Oxygen Catastrophe.  Some bacteria trough a fluke of evolution found a way to turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into energy, which is more efficient than other chemosynthetic metabolic pathways.  Those bacteria farted out enough oxygen to oxidize most of the iron on the surface of the earth and then turn one-third of our atmosphere to free oxygen.  Oxygen is highly corrosive, just leave a nail out overnight.  It’s not the water rusting it, the water is just a conductor for electrons, it’s atmospheric oxygen that is doing the rusting.

This is not the only time a natural event shaped the climate of the planet. Some 74,000 the Toba supervolcano in Sumatra erupted blowing almost 3,000 cubic kilometers worth of ash, carbon and sulfur dioxide into our atmosphere.  We survived that with stone-age tools.

This is the problem.  Without a perspective of how robust life on earth really is, and just what this planet has seen for catastrophes, it’s easy to convince people that cow farts and V8’s are the roots of an existential crisis.

We have also been overwhelmed with responses from readers telling us their stories about kids and climate change.

They’ve told us how they shelved plans to have children and how that caused family rifts. Some even had their fears dismissed by therapists. We heard from a number of older people who said they had seen the environmental crisis coming in the 1970s and ’80s and had decided not to have children or to stop at one. We heard from those who have adopted kids because they did not want to add more people to the planet.

Some responses were uplifting, many were heartbreaking, all were searingly honest. Here’s what they told us.

They are all based on bad science and paranoid delusion.

I’m one of those women facing that decision, and I’ve felt utterly alone and unheard. It’s caused me deep depression and anxiety. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood. But now that the planet’s future is so bleak and our leaders are so unwilling to act, it seems as though it would be incredibly selfish and morally reprehensible for me to decide to bring a person into a world I know they likely won’t be able to live a full life in.

The quality of human life is only going up.  I should be dead of cancer.  I’m not.  As little as twenty years ago, I would have been.  There is more food and more abundance than ever before.  There is more forest in the US now than when I was a kid.  Acid rain has been eliminated.  Any kid born today in a Western nation is going to have a better life than previous generations.

It feels as though my decision of whether or not to have a child at all is being yanked away from me.

It has been.  By Leftist Democrats pushing insanity.

Mental health professionals are not prepared to handle this scenario. I’ve tried to seek help to deal with the sadness and anger I feel about this, and every counselor or psychiatrist I’ve visited has essentially told me “that’s a weird thing to be concerned about” or I should just do whatever I want.

They are right.  This is a paranoid delusion.

I read a New York Times article called “Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.” I was browsing articles late at night before going to bed, and my body went cold as I started to read. I immediately felt sick and almost started crying. I couldn’t believe it. The image of a docile post-climate world had shattered. We won’t be using tote bags at the grocery store in 2050 — because we don’t know if we will have enough food and water.

This is someone who knows nothing about agriculture.  We have fewer people making more food today than ever in history.  The Israelis managed to make farmland out barren desert.  We will be able to surmount any food crisis issue with technology, assuming it ever gets that bad (which it won’t).

This young woman’s mental state has been destroyed by scare literature.

I had a vasectomy 10 years ago because I was terrified that I might accidentally get my girlfriend pregnant. I’ve been worried about the future of our planet for as long as I can remember. I liken having a child with buying a loved one a ticket on the Titanic knowing it would sink.

At the time I decided to have a vasectomy, my doctor tried to talk me out of it. He said a reversal is expensive and not always successful and that I would probably regret it. I have yet to regret it. In fact, with every passing year since, I’ve become more confident I made the right decision.

It was a very easy decision for me. I just asked myself if I had a choice, would I want to be born today. … The answer is no.

How is this not self-harm bordering on suicidal?

This is as much as I can take.

None of these fears are grounded in reality.  Imagine if our ancestors had said the same bullshit every time there was a drought or a flood or plague or an attack by saber tooth cats?

Our species never would have made it out of the paleolithic.

One day, as a nation, we may regain our sense, and on that day I hope to have a Nuremberg like trial to convict and hang every God damn radical environmentalist who has destroyed the mental health and wellbeing of generations of Americans with their insane enviro-Marxist ideology.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The other side of the coin to mass shooters”
  1. Yes, hang these dizzying intellectuals.
    I think they’re using a variation of the system the nigerian scammers developed to sift for the stupid.

    Only someone really stupid would fall for this horseshit.

    I think the elitists are trying to herd the terminally dull into not reproducing, either by celibacy, sterilization, or abortion as the new methods for their continued eugenics scheme.
    They’ve had to change from active to passive eugenics since the NAZIs adopted it in the ’30s and it along with the rest of those monsters were eliminated and discredited.

  2. I understand what you’re saying about despondent childlessness but maybe these twits not breeding is a good thing. Sorta like chlorine in the gene pool, to clean it out a bit.

    Side note for Prince Harry: when you’re being grouped with the wisdom of Miley Cyrus in news stories, you’ve jumped the shark.

    1. Once again we can apply Niven & Pournelle’s immortal words: “Think of it as Evolution in Action”.
      Every time one of these people makes a pronouncement like that (assuming she actually acts on the words rather than just spew them) the average IQ in the world goes up.

  3. IMO man is master of his domain and will adapt, overcome, survive, and thrive. Also solve.

    There is literally no better point in human history to be alive than today and very likely that metirc is going to keep progressing forward in time one day at a time for a very long time.

    1. There are millions of people who instinctively disregard the Chicken Little claims of the climate-change fanatics. What we can do is provide them with facts to help them counter the fanatics when they are being insulted because they are pregnant or drive a gas-guzzler. My favorite response is to point out that 200 million years ago, a blink of an eye in geological time, there was an ocean covering most of North America, and conversely, 15,000 years ago, humans walked from Siberia to Alaska because the sea level was so low. Most people say, “really?” Yep, really.

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