Apparently made out of a skid-steer.

And some people wonder why I believe law abiding citizens should be allowed to have rocker launchers.

For when the police decide to run you down with their own killdozer for not wearing a mask in public.

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By J. Kb

26 thoughts on “The police have killdozers too”
  1. I believe that is not good/thick enough steel to stop armor piercing rounds or something big caliber moving fast. It is mostly a crowd control device.

    Venezuela’s Policia Naciona Bolivariana has a similar system.

  2. Those with dirt driveways and a backhoe( you DO have a backhoe dont you?) just need to dig a two foot wide four foot deep trench and cover it with 1/4 inch plywood n dirt. Rumble rumble crash…or spike mats coveredwith dirt… or… I could go on..

    1. My goal in this life is go have enough land (or a side hustle) to justify owning, at minimum, a 6-ton mini ex or a Cat 416.

      Having working examples of the 225D LC and D4C Series II that I learned on with my Grandfather would be even better.

  3. Hmmm… appears to be remotely operated? So attacking the driver doesn’t work, unless you can find him. But if it’s used to shelter advancing troops, some high-trajectory Molotov cocktails should discourage them. Is it advancing through a street between tallish buildings? Flaming death from above! (A sufficiently large drone could stand in for the building.)
    … I gotta watch Is Paris Burning? again, and/or read the book again.
    Or review techniques for defending castles against attackers equipped with various sorts of siege engines.
    Remotely operated vehicles are also vulnerable to jamming, if you’ve got a big enough transmitter on the same frequency. If they’re using COTS remote-control equipment, jamming shouldn’t be too difficult.

    1. Dang… did I mis-close a tag there?
      It occurs to me that high-trajectory projectiles can also be launched using trebuchets, or improvised mortars.

      1. You can buy a quite effective ‘water balloon sling’ from the internet or make it yourself out of surgical tubing. Those things will fire a 6″ water balloon at least 100 yards with enough power to punch through an old sail.

        Gee, what else can you fill the water balloon with, or fire in place of said water balloon.

        Pure speculation, of course, as I would never ever ever suggest doing something illegal.

        (and if you watch the episode of Dirty Jobs where they are burning off the Everglades, they are using ping-pong balls filled with moth balls and something else that I forgot. Those things….)

  4. Those “view ports” with heads behind them look vulnerable to rifle fire from a distance. High trajectory projectiles could be launched from a ballista using surgical rubber tubing vice sinew. Pouring oil on the road in front of the blade has interesting possibilities both causing loss of traction for the dismounted support troops, as well enhancing the effect of the aforementioned high trajectory projectiles.

    Sometimes, even I’m bothered at the way my mind works.

  5. Ring Power in Florida was always pushing this beasty when I lived down there:

    An upside for us is that the boys in blue wanting to have the shiniest, fanciest new toys means they get to deal with all the wonderful bullshit that is Tier IV emissions and all the wonderful headaches that brings as their fancy toy goes tits up because a $3 sensor went wonky. *laughs in late 70’s D6D*

  6. Any idea what that spray nozzle (around 0:45) is for?

    The comments on this tweet are pretty good. Lots of options are discussed.

    1. I didn’t get a good impression (or didn’t notice) of where it was or which way it was facing. If forward, I’d guess tear gas or other crowd control chemicals. If behind the blade, I’d guess water or other fire suppressant.

      Kind of depends on what the builders are expecting, opposition-wise.

  7. Strikes me that a couple of rolling stairs (think the ones at Home Depot / Lowes / Costco for reaching the high shelves) would let the crowd over the barricade pdq.

  8. There’s a medieval solution that covers several bases: burning oil. Like a Molotov cocktail but also serves to make the road slick.

  9. It’s not a killdozer. I doubt it’s got the torque to push more than people aside.

    I mean, it’s a neat little portable fortification/blockade, but against anything more serious than a disorganized mob it doesn’t strike me as profoundly game-changing.

  10. There is a recipe for defeating this:
    One 25 gallon plastic trash can: $25
    10 gallons of Styrofoam packing peanuts: $10
    10 gallons of gasoline: $30
    5 quarts of motor oil: $10
    Broom handle (wood): $5
    Road flare: $2

    Place the trash can where the police will be deploying the unit. In the street, on a second or third floor balcony is also a good spot. Pour the gasoline and motor oil into the trash can. Add packing peanuts and stir with a wood broom handle.

    Deploy the resulting sticky mess by pouring in the street, or better yet, on top of the dozer. Ignite with a lit road flare. Stand well clear, it will get HOT and the mixture will stick to everything it touches.

  11. In judo, the goal is to use your opponents motion against them. Skidsteers are notorious for not having good center of weight. I.e. they like to tip forward if you are not careful.

    For non lethal attack, wedges and grappling hooks.I’m talking about 4 by 4 wedges with the addition of something like tire ramps. That push shield has to be off the ground. shove a couple of wedges under the leading edge and the shield will jam those wedges down and stop the device. If they raise the shield to go over, shove those tire ramps under.

    In the mean time gets some grappling hooks ready. when they shove forward, grab hold of that top edge and pull HARD. You might be able to make it nose dive.

    If it doesn’t nosedive, if the hooks are anchored then the skid backing up will cause the rear wheels to come up off the ground if the shield is raised. If it does then the wedges are working.

    Like any good tanker will tell you, you don’t deploy in urban environments with out your dismounted infantry. Allowing enemy troops to get near is always a bad idea.

  12. It is meant as a moving barrier for SWAT to hide behind when approaching a building across a wide open area.

    Of course, one way to defeat it involves two people, one at the primary target and one somewhere else to shoot the people hiding behind it.

    Pure speculation, of course. Just theorizing for a future novel or something.

  13. Study the Irish Troubles, metal beer kegs are useful obstacles for delaying and immobilizing vehicles, flammable liquid on engine intakes can stall an engine by starving it of oxygen when ignited. Ammonia can play havoc with crew breathing and pain blinds cameras and vision blocks.

  14. One thing to keep in mind, a Diesel engine will self destruct on acetylene, almost before you can smell it.

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