If you are a gun owner that understand the tribulations we have gone through in the last decades to restore the Second Amendment and have contributed in the fight, this is not directed at you. You may have been at it for 30 years or a month, I don’t care. Your effort is well appreciated.


I am royally pissed. I got involved in an argument in Facebook about Wayne LaPierre. No doubt that his is a shit magnet, in fact, he is the official shit magnet for the Anti Gun clique and Main Stream Media in general when the subject of guns makes it to the news. And he has earned some well placed criticism every now and then, but most of the crap slung at him has no sense other than politically trying to kill an effective adversary.

What really pisses me off is when the shit-slinging comes from our side of the battlefield.

Apparently there are some “gun owners” that are “triggered” when Wayne opens his mouth and says something that the other side may find offensive… which it is basically 100% of what he says according to most editorial boards and Gun Control Groups. I saw somebody calling to have him removed and to bring somebody younger and less white, are you fucking kidding me? Are we casting for the Politically Correct NRA Head Honcho (Moms Demand Approved)? I thought what we needed was an effective bastard at the helm that advanced our cause come hell or high water.  Do you pick somebody like a surgeon because he fits a racially and sexually diverse checklist or because he is the guy who is gonna save your life?

These Poseurs, these New Fudds feel that LaPierre cast the rest of us in a bad light for what he says. I have a late-breaking bulletin: As long as you own guns, you will be seen under that bad light, no matter who is in charge of the NRA. You will be the fucking hayseed living in a trailer park somewhere in the Appalachians, drinking beer and having sex with your brother/sister/dogs making the pacification of the United States impossible. That is the way you will always be seen by the Intelligentsia in D.C, L.A and NYC. Disabuse yourself from the notion that you will ever be loved by them.

I swear that  the last thing I figured is that Gun Owners needed Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings that were not related to firearms handling. Grow a fucking pair, would you?

And then there are those that are literally quaking in their online personalities for the possible Presidential elections. I am guessing they think that if the NRA does not have LaPierre visible, we would be left alone to play with our guns and they will forget about adding restrictions to our rights.


What is it with this shit of trying to appease the tiger? Do they really think that they will stop their efforts if we offer LaPierre or anybody in sacrifice? These are people with an infinite petite for an absolute win and they will not stop until all of us are turds in the jungle.

Please, stop being the Pajama Boys of the Gun Culture.

I hope I have offended the intended people.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on “The Poseur Among Us, (A.K.A. XXI Century Fudds) (Language Warning)”
  1. You could replace LaPierre with an Afro-Hispanic left-handed handicapped lesbian and she’d still get 99% of the same crap that he gets.

    The one thing I don’t care for is when someone holds a position for decades, no matter how good they are at what they’re doing. That’s a different discussion, though, and not a criticism of LaPierre specifically.

      1. Oh yeah, those were fun in 2007.

        “So you gonna vote for Obama?” “Nope, some issues with his foreign policy.” “You’re a race traitor if you don’t you know that right?”

        It’s the same for anyone that breaks the mold, the stereotype. The one thing I’ve always seen from those with common sense is that they’ll let you fuck up before they form an opinion on you. There will be some reservations but generally they’ll wait and see.

        The other side expect you be a round peg to fit in a round hole because of your color or where you came from. These folks are the fig leaf they need to give themselves a little bit of legitimacy.

  2. Yep the “battered wife syndrome” you sometimes see among fudds (or in Europe elitist ISSF 22LR target shooters) is quite stunning.

    The want to be loved by people who openly hate them. I totally fail to understand this.

    1. I see some parallels between this and the Islamophiles, too. They want us to weaken ourselves in order to be loved by people who will never stop hating us or trying to kill us.

      Sorry, but “no” doesn’t quite cover it. “Hell, No! No F@#$ing way!” is more appropriate.

    2. Oh yeah, I know these guys.
      “You don’t need a large caliber gun for target shooting!”

      Or in hunting circles:
      “You don’t need more than 3 guns if you’re a hunter!”

      Bah, I can’t stand those sandboxfashists.
      In a free society you don’t measure things by “need”.

  3. Unfortunately these A-holes have the same mentality (and probably are many of the same individuals) who for decades have had the attitude that if we let the statist bastards have their way on “Saturday night specials,” “assault weapons,” “large capacity magazines” or whatever is the current target of the gun grabbers, they will leave our hunting rifles, shotguns, target pistols, etc. alone.

    Time and time again, all that happens to appeasers is that the tiger eats them last.

  4. “Disabuse yourself from the notion that you will ever be loved by them” is the most important point here. No matter how nice they are to your face, they WILL plot and stab you in the back at the first opportunity. My wife always wonders why I wear my 2nd amendment pride on my sleeve. THIS is why. I don’t argue/debate with extreme antis, but if someone I know spouts off some ignorant anti talking points, I will amicably raise objections and try to share my perspective. I also wear my NRA swag with pride. I will not hide, I will not sit in the back of the bus, and I will not enable the useful idiots to create conditions that lead to VERY dangerous places. Never again.

  5. I saw somebody calling to have him removed and to bring somebody younger and less white, are you fucking kidding me? Are we casting for the Politically Correct NRA Head Honcho (Moms Demand Approved)?

    “Politically Correct NRA Head Honcho” is a contradiction in terms — the “New Fudds” had best learn that, and quick. “Politically Correct” requires total civilian disarmament; that definition is what happens when we let Leftists and Marxists (repetitive) control the language.

    Is NRA. Is not politically correct, and never will be.

    Is NRA. Is not Moms Demand Approved, and never will be.

    Like Scrappycrow said up above (which I’ll expand upon), Wayne LaPierre could be replaced by a “Progressive” union-card-carrying Afro-Hispanic handicapped atheo-Islamo-Wiccan trigendered pyrofox named Lilac Rainbow Freelove, but as soon as “xe” talks about “xer” pro-gun opinions, “xe” is no longer politically correct; “xe” is a right-wing anti-government extremist and a tool of the gun industry.

  6. I’ll play devil’s advocate.

    The post makes the point that we shouldn’t care about offensive stuff a guy says because what matters is that he’s advancing the cause and we shouldn’t care who he offends.

    That point is 100% correct.

    The only problem is that that description doesn’t fit WL in my opinion.

    It’s not the offensive stuff he says that’s a problem, it’s the downright stupid stuff (and the reflection that stupid stuff has on our cause, not by the effect it has on the antis, but by the effect it has on the people on our own side and on the fence-sitters that tend to be the swing in so many causes). And he says a lot of it. I believe the NRA in general is advancing the cause despite their leader, not because of him, and would be more effective with one that was smarter.

    And yes (to use your example applied to my thought patterns on the problem with WL)…I would pick someone like a surgeon based on excluding candidates that I thought weren’t too bright…and I would prefer to exclude NRA leaders that I don’t think are too bright as well. There are others on our own side think the same, and there’s a large chunk of people that don’t contribute to the NRA specifically because they don’t like some of the dumber rhetoric that’s been put out by WL. It’s our own side that he’s splintering (as evidenced by the motivation for you posting this article in the first place…obviously plenty of gun supporters have problems with him or you wouldn’t have felt the need to address them) and as such I do think it would be best if he were replaced by someone that more of OUR side could get behind, leading to more unified group of gun-rights supporters being able to do more.

    1. It is stupid…. till it works. “Jackbooted thugs” gave collective heart attacks and ZOMG!s galore but raised the NRA membership like crazy. Facing down CNN and calling their reporter a LIAR (not misguided or misinformed) had people in our side shitting, but it showed people how much bullshit was being thrown around with the sunset of the AWB and pretty much killed any attempt to resuscitate it plus destroyed the reputation of a nasty Anti Gun Sheriff in Florida who eventually ended up in Federal prison. “The only thing that stops a bad guy…..” Holy Shit, the pearl clutchers in our side were moaning in pain but it turned out to be one of the greatest PR hits of the decade and buried what was possibly the worst Gun Control Bill ever to be brought to Congress.
      Has he made mistakes? Yes, blaming video games after Sandy Hook was misguided. But his mistakes are far less than his hits and just because you do not like what the media writes about him and us, does not make him less effective.
      Again, no matter who is in charge of the NRA, you are not going to be liked by the Intelligentsia. You will always have the stink of an self-sufficient person.

  7. i have never been a fan of WL’s style, but dammit every time I think he has jumped the shark again the anti’s go and do or try to do exactly what he predicted! So I owe him an apology for at times in the past being in the camp of those who felt he should step down. Doesn’t mean I like him, but it does mean I respect him. I hope we get someone as effective when he does retire, as I’ve heard he plans to do in the relatively near future.

  8. Miguel! You are 1000% right!
    I am NRA life member and I joined in 1982 after nearly becoming a statistic. My friend was a LEO and suggested that I should have been armed. My wife agreed. So, I bought a revolver, and have been carrying ever since.
    34 years of concealed carry and I never, ever had the need to even draw. I was right there, when none of these other groups even existed.
    NRA fought the good fight alone. Majority opinion was against us then. When LaPierre began to use his bully pulpit to speak out, he was the most effective voice from our side, bar none.
    Alone, the NRA slowly turned the tide, and we have finally achieved majority support. When I joined, damn few states had concealed carry. Thanks to the NRA — and ONLY the NRA, with LaPierre leading the way — we have carry in some form in all 50 states.
    Thanks to the NRA, and the legal minds the NRA gathered, we have twin Supreme Court victories, rolling back the bad decisions of the past. Where were those Johnny-come-latelies then? If you want to attack someone, attack Bloomberg. Otherwise, shut up!

  9. With the common practice of using “Smoke & Mirrors” as a form of deception, we need to always remain vigilent to evaluate just which “side” the Fudd’s are actually on.

    1. Mr. Bill:
      Good point! We need to be vigilant in cases like this. I am reminded of a diatribe supposedly made by a “gun store owner.” Maybe he actually DID own a gun store. So what — he had drunk the Confiscation Kool-Aid. He was not on our side.

  10. Never ever make decisions based on the whinings of your enemy, their gnashing of teeth, wet undies and belching rhetoric of the gun control cult is a symphony to your accomplishments. There is no perfect human, no perfect NRA rep, someone will always find fault, look to the trend toward freedom that has occurred the past decade and forgive any minor moments of imperfection that those who have dedicated their lives to preserving liberty may have.

  11. “I saw somebody calling to have him removed and to bring somebody younger and less white…”

    The RNC tried that. His name was Michael Steele, and he spent his entire term in office calling the party that hired him and that he was supposed to be representing a bunch of racists. Oh, and embezzling party funds to build himself a way bitchin’ office that cost more than my house and the two on either side of mine put together… and I have a nice house.

    Need I say that nobody decided they liked the RNC any more because Mike Steele was there, or that there turned out to be a price in failure and shame for hiring him?

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