After reading the unfortunate bigoted opinion on Judge Thomas, I was informed that George Takei (Mr. Zulu) is a Liberal Democrat and I was surprised. I mean, yes, the guy was not a Republican and certainly is a Liberal, but I cannot fathom the idea that he would actually vote for the party that sent him to a concentration camp.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. I don’t understand how gun owners can vote for Republicans when saint Ronnie helped sign the mulford act and FOPA in 86.

    1. I will give you the Mulford act, but FOPA’s only problem (Other than the suspiciously added Hughes Amendment) was an amazing pro-gun to pass given the severely anti gun feeling at the time was that id did not control ATF’s abuses as it should. Ruby Ridge and Waco being the top examples of a runaway agency and today Operation Fast and Furious The Registry prohibition of FOPA alone is pure gold.

  2. I agreed with Justice Thomas, although he should have worded his statement better. The constitution was founded on the principle that every right in the Bill of Rights (at least the first 8) were natural rights. People had them simply by virtue of their humanity, or endowed by god. The Bill of Rights only enumerated those right, it did not grant them. This is an important point because if the government didn’t grant those rights, it didn’t have the authority to take them away.

    Over the last two centuries, the Liberals have perverted that idea. To them, natural rights don’t exist. The government (their god in the church of state) grants rights, and the government can take them away. Think about their attack on the 2A. If you believe that the right to self defense is granted by god or nature, than the right to be armed is natural. If you don’t believe that the right to self defense is natural, than you can argue that the 2A is outdated and needs to be repealed.

    The Liberals have gone one step further. Dignity is no longer an inalienable characteristic, you have or lose by virtue of your own actions. Dignity is granted by the government. Thomas’ argument was no, the government can’t bestow dignity.

    I think his examples were poor, but mine would be worse. Having lived in apartment complex that was 50% section 8 assisted living (I wasn’t) I can tell you that nothing strips people of their dignity faster than welfare. Being a lazy slob on handouts, working part time through a day labor office for beer money (literally – cash was used for stuff EBT won’t buy like cigarettes and alcohol), is about as undignified as a person can get. What frightens me about the Liberal argument, is that if the government can bestow dignity, what stops them from trying to use it as a handout? Can the welfare bum now demand that society treats him like a gentleman because the government can give him the dignity that he lost by being a welfare bum? Can I be punished for not respecting the dignity of the welfare bum because I don’t recognize it?

    P.S. This goes back to my post about political gays. You’d think that Takei would tell the party that put him in an internment camp to go to hell. You’d think that as a wealthy celeb, he would tell the party that keeps trying to raise his taxes as a top 1%-er exactly where they can cram their tax plan. But no, he’s a fantastically political gay man, and that trumps everything else.

    1. And that’s their downfall. Dignity is not something that can be granted. It can only be taken.

      “It’s not ‘What can I do?’ It’s ‘Who will stop me?'”

    1. Doubtless so, but that doesn’t excuse anything. After all, the internees in America were… American citizens.

      1. Most were enemy nationals.

        The majority of adults were in fact Japanese citizens. Of those internees that were American citizens, the majority were minor children accompanying their parents.

        They had a not-uncommon immigrant habit of maintaining loyalty to the motherland, going further than most to include registering otherwise ‘natural born’ American children as Japanese citizens ‘born abroad’.

        Duel citizenship has its pitfalls – INS (or whatever they call themselves these days) certainly still warns the newly naturalized that if they don’t renounce foreign citizenship they will be regarded appropriately if/when there is war – if of a friendly country they will be extradited if drafted, if of an enemy country they will be an enemy.

        One could make it more nuanced than that, especially with degrees in progressive revisionist history that everyone has these days.

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