While the Democrats and media are eulogizing Suleimani, I thought I would share a little bit more of why that pile of pig shit in an Iranian uniform needed to be sent to hell courtesy of the United States Military and the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

First, some physics.

Explosions are powerful, but that power diminishes quickly.

The power of a shockwave diminishes as a function of the inverse of the cube of the distance from the explosion.  Doubling the distance between the explosive and the target decreases the force on the target by a factor of 8.

This is why lots of smaller explosions are more effective than one big one at destroying an area, and why going from a kiloton to a megaton doesn’t increase the blast radius of your bomb by 1,000 times.

There are two phenomena in explosive science, the Misznay-Schardin effect and the Munroe effect, that say roughly the same thing.  The force of an explosive occurs perpendicular to the surface of the explosive.

A flat sheet of explosive will drive most of the force perpendicular to the large flat surfaces (Misznay-Schardin effect).  This is the principle behind the M18A1 Claymore mine.

A cavity in an explosive directed towards a surface will form a jet of gas that has increased armor-penetrating capability (Munroe effect).  This is just a bunch of vector addition.  The explosion occurs perpendicular to the surfaces of the inside of the cone, which add up and the resultant vector is very large, coming out of the center of the cone.

This is a shaped charge, and many people are familiar with it.  The problem with a standard shaped charge is that the jet of high-velocity gas that burns through armor dissipates quickly.  Just like a lens, there is a focal length that the “beam” of gas converges on, and much beyond that, it spreads out and loses its effectiveness.

Lastly, some metallurgy.  There is a phenomenon called adiabatic shear.  This is when metal is plastically deformed so quickly the heat can’t dissipate in the metal.  If you are familiar with machining, this is why cutting chips are so hot they will turn blue and burn you.  It’s not friction, it’s adiabatic shear.  Enough adiabatic shear and you can actually melt metal.

This has some awesome weapons applications, like depleted uranium rounds which are self-sharpening instead of mushrooming to penetrate armor.

So, you are an arms designer and you want to make a small warhead that is very effective against armor at extended distances.

You create a warhead with a concave depression, lined with a highly ductile, high-density metal, like a contact lens.  The explosion starts in the center of the depression and radiates outward.  This flips this contact lens inside out, imposing enough adiabatic shear to turn the metal into a semi-molten mass, and the resultant vector gives a higher velocity than the explosive velocity of the explosive and what you get is a molten metal slug traveling at upwards of 6,000 fps.  The higher the density metal you chose, the further the range and deeper the penetration your slug has.

This is the science of the explosively formed penetrator.

The good news is, this is not an easy thing to make effectively.  The shape of the concave disk, the explosive, the detonator, not something you cobble together in a cave if you want it to work well.

This is where Suleimani comes in.  The Iranians had the ability to make EFPs, and were providing them to insurgents in Iraq as well as other Shiite militias.

The first generation of M1116 up-armored HMMWV that were used in Iraq were capable of defeating the smaller homemade IEDs that were being used against our troops.  Sure the vehicle was blown to shit, but our soldiers survived and that was what was important.

Then came Iranian made EFPs turned into IEDs, which became known as “Superbombs” and what The New York Times called “The Most Lethal Weapon Americans Faced in Iraq.”

According to Stripes:

EFPs killed at least 196 U.S. troops and wounded nearly 900 between 2005 and 2011, defense officials revealed in 2015, and Castner said a high number of amputations throughout the war were the direct result of the weapons. In the 2006 attack, slugs took the legs off a soldier and a gunner, he wrote in his memoir, “The Long Walk.”

These weapons were made and smuggled into Iraq by Iran.

Soleimani’s Quds Force provided training and logistics to militants in Iraq, along with far-reaching EFP supply routes and factories inside the country, the history said, where knowledge and tips on their construction filled CD-ROMs circulated among bombmakers.

Not just that, Iran made technological improvements to enhance the destructive power of these weapons against our troops.

Many were concealed in foam blocks made to look like curbs and rocks, with a telltale indicator of a passive infrared lens peeking through that earned the nickname the “Eye of Allah” from U.S. troops.

Iranian-backed bombmakers were also creative in their defeat of U.S. countermeasures, Castner said.

The infrared laser, operating in a manner similar to the safety beam used for garage doors, is used to trigger the explosion. So-called “rhino” horns were attached to vehicles to set them off prematurely, but bombmakers would revise their design to account for the horns and revamp the geometry of the array to make sure the slugs passed through drivers, passenger compartments and engines, he said.

This is how a bunch of barely literate Iraqi insurgents were so effective.  They had the Iranian military-industrial complex backing them up, doing their R&D.

And what did this look like for our troops on the ground?

(Graphic Warning)

All that gore on the steering wheel and dashboard is what is left of an American soldier who got hit by an EFP made in Iran and smuggled into Iraq by Soleimani’s Quds Force.

Pools and blood and torn off limbs.  That is the legacy of Soleimani.

Even the Washington Post admits it.

When members of Congress, Hollywood elites, assholes on Twitter, and gigantic pieces of shit like Michel Moore defend Iran or criticize Trump for taking out Soleimani, what they are doing is covering for a man who has the blood on his hands for every single one of our military who was wounded or killed by an EFP.

These fetid masses of human garbage, posting their feculent emesis all over Twitter deserve nothing but the contempt of traitors.

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By J. Kb

54 thoughts on “The real legacy of Suleimani (yimakh shemo) – Graphic Warning”
  1. “These fetid masses of human garbage, posting their feculent emesis all over Twitter deserve nothing but the contempt of traitors.”

    Hear, hear!

    1. While I support the operation, your repeated name calling profits no one. Imagine a WW2,GI degrading with name calling every enemy soldier they killed.

      1. While I agree, it’s rather difficult to refrain from it given the situation. Many from the surrounding countries traveled to Iraq simply to fight us and by doing that, keep us there much longer. So, these people go through all that trouble to fight us only to constantly target civilians and fight us like cowards with IEDs, one shot snipers, mortars, and general guerilla tactics with the help of Iran. They didn’t do this for their country, they did this because we are “Infidels” and put a lot of innocent lives in the crossfire.

  2. The left, the media and democrats MUST oppose Trump on EVERYTHING he does and says. So when he air strikes a terrorist and kills them they left must oppose it.

    At this point terrorists could get ahold of a nuke and everyone knows it and Trump air strikes that group and recovers the nuke the media and democrats will openly say it was a bad thing Trump did and it would have been better for the terrorists to detonate the nuke killing hundreds of thousands of people. ESPECIALLY on United States soil since they figure that would box Trump into another war they can use that as a means to get Biden elected.

    1. Two other presidents had the opportunity to take this guy out and they didn’t, not because he wasn’t a bad guy (he was) but because they got good advice and understood the ramifications. What you won’t see in that selective path to Trump’s action is the rest of the history in context: we’ve forgotten that the US “accidentally shot down” an Iranian passenger plane killing all 270 people on board….forgotten because it’s never mentioned as part of the US narrative. We conveniently forget that the US started war in Iraq on false information, which gave rise to ISIS which necessitated Iranian forces to act. We selectively forget that the US mans dozens of military bases in the region and pokes its nose repeatedly into domestic politics there. Want a comparison? See how twitchy the US gets when Russia cozies up to Venezuela and Cuba. And that’s just when they visit…. imagine if they landed troops in those countries. And of course, then there’s the need to distract from impeachment. Make no mistake, Iran poked the US bear. But the US bear scuppered a working nuclear agreement because of Trump ‘s vanity and has historically been a provocateur in that region for years because of oil and$$$$&

      1. Yea, right! And Clinton had the chance to take out Bin Laden and look where we are now. You are an idiot.

      2. What do you call a country that illegally invade another……and then cry when that country ask another country for help to fight against the invaders. You folks seems to be ok with illegally invading another country but are upset when a country fight back. You should be blaming the US politicians who sent the troops over there in the first place on a known lie.

        1. Your stupid we didnt illegally invade we where asked by the people to get rid of the terism how about you learn facts before you start talking about stuff you have no clue about they attacked multible countries and ares and have held are people hostege since before the 2000s the where already invading another country one of are allies before we ever went over there so where the ones who stoped another country from invading some one else theyve been a problem for over 30 years do real research Man thats the problem people are miss led and dont know what there talking about

        2. So, how do you legally invade another country? We declare war through Congress on that country. We did that. So much for your blame America theory. Is this Michelle Obama? We know it’s you, Michelle. Your code name (Shaun) is too much like the schwantz you try to hide under your dress. Come on fella, admit it. Come out already.

        3. But you are OK with Iraq (under Saddam) invading Kuwait, and Iran now invading Iraq, but you are miffed that a worthless killer of innocent people has been sent to await his final judgement? Nice try. If you support Iran’s murder of thousands of people through this man, then you are a part of the problem.

        4. Hmm, you do understand that it wasn’t Iraqis that we were fighting, right? I mean, very very few of the insurgents were Iraqi. Most were from Pakistan and Iran. In fact, while I was there not only did we train Iraqis to fight back, but there were at least 3 Iraqi groups whom we left alone because they were hunting down and fighting the insurgents. We fought alongside the Iraqi Army. Most of the Iraqi people wanted us there, and when everyone was pulled out of Iraq save a few it wasn’t Obama who made that decision just like it wasn’t Obama who killed Bin Laden like he claimed. He simply respected the wishes of the new government that we put into place. When they wanted us out as a whole, we left.

      3. If you don’t love it, leave it! And unless you’ve served or are educated in military affairs keep your mouth shut!

      4. Ah but you see, we invaded Iraq on accurate Intel that was available to the public. Obama pulling troops out prematurely and leaving behind Tom’s of military equipment gave rise to ISIS. That’s why they had convoys of American MRAPs and M-4s.

        1. Mr Ford,,,,Accurate info ! Haaaaa !
          Someone told me Sadman had weapons of mass destruction. Guess what I did. I verified it. Ahhhhh nope. I blew the country to smithereens and paved the road for Isis.

      5. That’s a decent point you make there Slappy!
        But totally and utterly irrelevant and absolutely insignificant! Let me elaborate on my opinion just a bit, and I will go slow so you can understand. I will start with recent history just because I don’t have the inclination to review history in depth only to have you attempt to justify barbarous acts at the hands of a religious society that adheres to the concept of
        “Convert or die”! By comparing it to the exploits of the medieval Christian Crusaders.
        So, back in ‘79 the Iranians decide they wanna change their government and for whatever reason they employ the tactics of hostage taking! That’s all well and good and hoorah for them for effecting the change they saw as necessary! Here’s the difference between our societies: No, none, nada, NOT A SINGLE US administration has ever publicly advocated for religious persecution to such an extreme as to call for its proliferation worldwide and to terrorize or condone the decapitation of another human being based on religious affiliation or beliefs! Not a single administration in the US! We mistakenly took the lives of those airline passengers, they purposely seek out lives to terrorize and maim and decapitate to further their religious aspirations of total world domination ! And they will show you no mercy for defending them dummy!

      6. Hmm, your assertions are specious and based on at least four false pretenses. I see you are enjoying a Liberal serving of Kool-Aid … the saddest thing about your well-written, yet basically incorrect musings is, you probably actually believe what you wrote. On the positive side, you are a wonderful example of how an avowed Liberal thinks . Thank you for the insights.

      7. Andy old boy it seems you must have been asleep for the 8 years when Obama was using drone strikes on a monthly basis. He also helped create ISIS with his idiotic ineffective middle east policies. By the way the Russians were in Syria during that time. Trump has been playing catch up for Obama’s failed foreign policy since he took office and putting America’s interests first. Try getting your information from somewhere other than the fake news.

      8. Working nuclear agreement? Are you paying attention? Iran don’t give a shit what agreement they reneged on…. they’re terrorists….and you are an idiot.

        1. oh, I dunno, if you consider “working” to include Our Friends In Iran WORKING like mr-ers to create a bomb, then, yeah, I could see characterizing it as “working”

      9. That’s a ridiculous thought process. Your information is tainted. This type of opinion is why our young people think President Trump is bad. Here is a fact. This Soleimani funded and aided the Muslim Terrorist attacks on the world. Harbored terrorists and was top 6 most wanted criminals in the world. Thank God for Trump and those like this gentleman whom wrote this article… keep speaking THE TRUTH.

      10. ISIS was the results of Obama pulling out our troops to soon creating a vacuum. That nuclear agreement cost the US 1.7 billion in cash and was never authorized by congress which is necessary unlike having the military fire on a target inside of an area that we occupy in a country that we occupy. So all you are doing is siding with a known terrorist and a known terrorist regime Iran.

      11. America doesn’t need their oil. The impeachment is just a big a waste of time as the Mueller/Russian hoax.

        What other theories have you got?

      12. I wonder Sir, can you tell us how many Americans were killed or maimed between the first opportunity we had to eliminate him and the time we finally did eliminate him? And I’m not sure what these ramifications were, but I’m willing to bet they weren’t more valuable than the lives of our soldiers. Fear, Sir, is no man’s ally. While weak men hesitated, brave men died. I will never understand how so many self proclaimed intelligent people have become sniveling cowards. And are you saying we deserved whatever happened because we accidently shot down an airliner? Does Iran now deserve whatever happens to them? I will agree that invading Iraq was not our fines hour by a long shot. But that in no way justifies running from a tough decision to take this guy out, and it in no way villifies the man who had the courage to do so.
        As General Patton once said, let him die for his country. And to close ,I say this. No matter how eloquently written, cowardice is still cowardice. And you Sir, are a coward.

  3. Thank you for this most enlightening intel. Will make a point of visiting gunfreezone.net regularly.

    1. If that’s the reasoning then Iran deserves to get invaded. Everyone who joins the military knows what’s awaiting them, both Iranians and Americans. Debating that is useless. It’s just war in action.

      But rather than justifying actions in a war, isn’t the cause of war the question that should be asked instead?

      Soldiers wouldn’t be IED’d and Generals need to be assassinated if there wasn’t an invasion of Iraq in the first place.

      1. Do you understand their religious teachings?
        How they raise their children ? It is their religious mandate to convert or kill ALL NON BELIEVERS! this battle has been raging long before the occupation of Iraq, and by THEIR conquest!

        1. Depends on which group I suppose. Extremists use the religion to justify their violence and remain intolerant of other religions, while a true Muslim as it was explained to me by many Iraqi Army members is supposed to take more of a pacifist turn the other cheek approach and detest violence. The reason most Iraqis that were with my unit were fighting was to stop these “false Muslims” who were betraying their religion instead of following it correctly. Seemed to be proven since so many turn the other cheek Muslims were executed along with Christians after we prematurely left them to their fate.

  4. Obviously a monster like this deserves to die a horrible painful death. No question about that. Unfortunately there are other concerns at play here as well. Yes anyone that would do this to other human beings deserves death and much worse. But given his high level leadership status in the country we also step into a secondary issue of assassinating the heads of state and the leadership around them.

    For a very long time there has been an international understanding. I am not sure if this is merely an unspoken rule or has been codified into international law. However, it is generally thought that countries should never target the leadership of other countries. Especially heads of state. For this would invite circles of countries assassinating the leadership of each other over and over again in retaliation, with the potential of leading to much larger (possibly worldwide) war.

    It becomes dangerous territory to step into and should be entered cautiously.

    That said, this is Iran, and while it would surprise me if Russia and China would align themselves with Iran in the case of a war with the United States; I suspect that they are not quite ready to enter into a war with us just yet and would mostly leave Iran to their own devices (and weapons smuggled in from those respective countries).

    1. “…secondary issue of assassinating heads of state…” — I don’t see it that way. Quite apart from the terrorist angle, he wasn’t a civilian high official, he was a military officer. Military officers in war are legitimate targets, and the higher their rank, the more so. On that basis, he was every bit as legitimate a target as Yamamoto. Sen. Warren is doing her best to pretend otherwise by saying over and over “senior government official”. Most likely she knows better, but honesty and integrity have never been parts of her nature.
      Apart from that, “assassination” is the wrong term to use because it is a word that refers to a criminal action. Neither the killing of a terrorist, nor the killing of an enemy soldier, are or can be criminal actions.
      As for the “rule” that you can’t target foreign high officials, that’s an executive order from some recent President (Ford, I think, but maybe Carter). As such, it doesn’t have much weight and of course can be rescinded at any time by another executive order. That said, it may be sensible to adhere to it in normal cases, but only for civilian officials.

      1. Remember he was declared by our government as a terrorist which legally put him on the list of targets. His decision to remain there.

        1. Sure. But that isn’t even necessary. An enemy officer engaged in war against the USA is a target by any sane standard.

  5. “How ignorable war is. I would rather be torn to shreds, than be a part of such base an action.” A.E.

  6. Dear Beau: While, on some levels, I certainly agree with you (particularly since I married into a family that, figuratively, “bleeds green”), OTOH, as in an armed robbery, the other guy with the gun gets a vote.

    And, you may tell yourself as much as you desire, that “I’m NOT being held up at gunpoint!”, but, if the guy with the gun is telling you to give him your wallet, you, nevertheless, ARE being held up at gun point.

    And, if the guys with the guns are telling you that you are at war, if you choose poorly (and/or have poor fortune) you may BOTH find yourself at war, AND “torn to shreds”.

    I prefer to have some say in that outcome.

  7. Thank you for the article. One quick note, explosive energy dissipates according to an inverse square law, not a cube law. You can imagine a sphere centered about the epicenter of the explosion which expands outward as time goes on, the magnitude of the force of the blast experienced by an object near the explosion is inversely related to the surface area of the sphere at the time it hits the object. Because the surface area of the sphere is equal to 4(pi)r^2, a sphere’s surface area will only quadruple as the distance doubles. Thus, the explosive force experienced will be 4 times less for an object twice as far as another object from the blast.

    1. Mason, I would have guessed the same, but we’re talking about an explosion in air, not in vacuum. I haven’t studied the topic, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that makes a difference.

    2. Inverse square is for radiation dissipation. Light intensity decreases that way. Explosions are inverse cube (check out the linked source).

      The same principle applies as inverse square, but there is also the factor the the wave length of the shock wave gets longer inversely to the distance it travels. So it’s inverse square perpendicular to the axis of travel and inverse parallel to the axis of travel, multiplied together is inverse cube. The shock wage diminishes in three dimensions.

      Radiation is a continuous source so it only diminishes in two.

      Trust me, I made a living on the science of boom.

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