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Venezuelan Army Attempts to Scare US Marines with Video

A video allegedly produced by the Venezuelan government to scare US Marines was recently posted on Facebook. The caption, according to Google Translate, reads: “ATTENTION: It is not a video of a humorous television program, it is a video of the Venezuelan government to scare the US Marines.” Needless to say, it failed gloriously.

As you watch this and wonder how the hell this could scare US Marines, what you need to remember what is the real purpose of the Venezuelan Military.

If you look at the Wikipedia page List of wars involving Venezuela what you will see is that after the Venezuelan War of Independence, there were two short lived blockades by European, then after 1908 the only fighting was coups and revolutions.

The purpose of the Venezuelan military is not for the defense of Venezuela from foreign invasion, but to suppress political uprisings and intimidate unarmed civilians.

To a Marine who survived Fallujah, this is a comedy sketch.

For a hungry Venezuelan protesting that he stood in line all day for the bakery to run out of bread before he got any, the sight of a guy with an AK-47, bayonet mounted, running at him screaming is enough to make him turn tail.

The people who made this video thought it would work on US Marines because they are used to it working on crowds of Venezuelans just trying to pick through a dumpster looking for something to eat.

Whenever you see an overly extravagant, ridiculous, military display from some despotic nation, remember this: all of that is intended to scare the citizens of the despotic nation far more than any foreign power.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “The real purpose of the Venezuelan Military”
  1. The Federal War (1859–1863) was a nasty one. One fifth of the population died (directly or by sickness). They replicated the scorched earth warfare (Guerra a Muerte) that Bolivar imposed during independence.

    After that and only for a couple of years of successful US-Trained anti-guerrilla warfare in the late 60s, the Venezuelan Army has been mostly a parade one.

    Any modern training is Cuban which was demonstrated an absolute catastrophe during the Angolan Civil War and lasted all but a fart in Grenada. .

    1. I’ll give credit there. I was focusing on foreign enemies, which is why I left the Venezuelan Civil War off the list.

    1. The venezuelan “army”, all three of ’em. And the yelling! Great stuff! I know some 15 year old airsoft kids that would eat their lunch!

  2. Do they dive through flaming hoops? Play leap frog over each other? Those are always my favorites from Middle Eastern training montages.

    1. Then again… much is made of the fact that they have guns and the good guys don’t. But the same was true during the Warsaw uprising, and the Nazi’s had soldiers far more competent than this tin pot dictator. What did the Polish Jews have that the people of Venezuela do not? Are they just not that desperate yet?

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