The real US Military victory of what we just saw is the further ideological purge of the US Military.

Across the internet I’m seeing posts of veterans and servicemen who utterly devastated that all they sacrificed in the GWOT has been for nothing.

We are going to see a massive exodus from our military of every NCO and mid level officer who actually believed in the mission and doesn’t have a fat MIC job on the horizon they have to hang one for another year or two in uniform to get.

Moreover, recruitment of patriotic citizens will drop to zero.  Why join up to get blown up in a war in which the bureaucracy will squander any battlefield victory and turn to shit and you got wounded or died in vain?

The only people who will sign up for the military now are disaffected youths who will follow any order for a paycheck and benefits, Leftists who need a chairborne job in the military as a credential for political advancement (the Pete Buttigieg class of officer), or true believers in Woke ideology who want to use the Military as a vanguard for social change.

Any citizen who actually cares about defending this nation and achieving victory in war knows the US Military is not for them.

The abject failure of Afghanistan will result in a more partisan purging of our military than all the diversity and inclusion PowerPoint presentations the military could ever conduct.



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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “The real US Military victory of the Afghanistan pullout collapse”
  1. Yeah, not sure that is a victory – a military full of woke ideologues? We’ll be begging to be invaded, or at least we’ll get smoked wherever the battle may be.

    1. Jonesy, what J is arguing is that is indeed the goal. If you assume that our military direction is now run by enemies, what you’re seeing makes perfect sense. Enemies, or fellow travelers — no meaningful difference.

  2. I have a friend who is a retired Army Officer, he gave his entire life to service, and he’s completely disaffected right now. Says he feels like he wasted his life. He’s not alone.

  3. I honestly don’t know about that. A lot of my buddies are seriously pissed off right now, and at least three have already started talking to local party committees to stand in the ’22 congressional election, and all of them are in areas that go back and forth. Even the more left-of-center vets have gone on tirades about “useless bureaucrats and politicians wasting what we did”, a couple of them have begun calling for the administration to resign in disgrace.

  4. What you’re describing is exactly how my father, a Vietnam vet, felt when I was growing up. He talked me out of joining the military because he knew that the USA was no longer fighting to protect America but instead acting on the whims of politicians. It’s been that way since the Korean war.

  5. Indeed we do. The question: is one currently alive? I don’t know of a currently active or potentially active politician who is capable of stepping into that role?
    DeSantis has some of the relevant chops; I can’t think of anyone else who comes close. The key is a combination of the right principles and the ability to explain and defend them. Most politicians are unable to articulate a principle with any skill. Many have no discernible principles, but even those that do often descend into policyspeak when asked about them, or just an utter muddle. Take Rand Paul for example: he often has the right ideas but his explanations are a disaster.

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