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7 thoughts on “The reason why we sneak our EDC into Disneyworld”
  1. That fight was at Disneyland, which depends on local PD more than Disneyworld does. It’s also tough to break up a fight when everyone involved wants to keep fighting.

  2. Where the hell is Disney Security?

    Disney security at Disney World (Orlando) makes the KGB look lazy. They are everywhere and every square inch of the park is under camera surveillance.

    Try lighting a cigarette there and see how long it takes before security reminds you that if you do that again, they will boot your ass out.

    I don’t know what security in Anaheim is like but in Orlando, that would have been over in less than a minute.

    1. I’ve only been to Disneyland once, but that was enough. Pot smoking in the otherwise non-smoking park? Um, what? Tried to ride the Indiana Jones ride (different skin on Dinosaur) three times — first two times it broke down for the day. Greenpeace idiots protesting right outside the park entrance.

      Give me the World anyday.

      1. Sounds like Californication got the best of Disneyland too. Disney World is clean as a whistle and safe. Then again, Florida protects the tourists and they let The Mouse run the show in his house. Which they do like the NKVD.

        Fun Fact: if you have to be escorted out of the park, they don’t march you out a gate. They take you out through one of the many secret employee access points and through the underground tunnels to Orlando PD which arrest you. They don’t want someone in handcuffs to be seen in the park. You get disappeared like a Western sympathizer in East Germany.

  3. Posted this explanation/observation this AM:

    Disney Security is lackluster at best, and the Mouse doesn’t want Main Street looking like Berzerkely during protest season. APD knows where their bread is buttered, so they generally do what they’re told by the Biggest Cash Cow On Earth.

    Was too lazy to dig around for the full YouTube video, but grabbed it here from y’all.

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