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The rent is now due, America

It’s like Democrats in the White House and Congress forgot the date.

Now it’s the first of the month and rent — and back rent — is suddenly due for millions of Americans who have been shielded from eviction during the pandemic.

Millions of households could face eviction over the next month — when lawmakers on are on their annual August recess — and some have predicted a full-blown eviction crisis, just as a surge in Covid cases from the highly contagious Delta variant may be prompting renewed calls for people to stay home and keep their distance.

The Biden Administration only asked Congress do to something about this last Thursday, and they didn’t.

The Supreme Court rejected the White House making any more extensions on the eviction moratoriums.

So as of today, August 1st, people who did not pay their rent can be evicted.

It needs to be understood that there is about $13 Billion in back rent due, so landlords are being hurt badly by this.

I am willing to concede that early on in the pandemic, there were people who were put out of work by lockdowns and had a hard time making rent.  I am empathetic to them.

But more than a year later, reality has shown us that this whole situation is fucked.

The disaster is that this eviction moratorium created a perverse incentive.  We saw this once already with the enhanced unemployment benefits.

The federal government decided that the best thing to do was pay people extra unemployment benefits.  What did that accomplish?  As states began to open up, there was a labor shortage.  People were making more money staying home than going to work.  A perverse incentive was created.  Even Biden had to admit to that when Republican governors stopped providing the extra unemployment benefits to their states.

So with the eviction moratorium, another perverse incentive was created, people not paying their rent and spending that money on other stuff.

People were at home, collecting state and federal unemployment, not paying rent, and ordering shit off Amazon.  How else did Amazon make record pandemic profits?

We can’t pretend that every person who didn’t pay rent for the last year was some poor soul who just couldn’t make rent because they were broke and starving and out of work.

States have been reopening.  The biggest problem in some states is a lack of people wanting to work.  Enhanced unemployment has been going out for a year.

It’s clear that there were a lot of people who collected a lot of government money and didn’t spend any on rent and lived very high off the hog during their “funemployment.”

These people absolutely deserve to get evicted.

If a landlord sees a daily pile of Amazon boxes outside of an apartment that hasn’t paid rent in a year, he should be able to evict his tenant by tossing them out a window.

But we all know how the Left feels about landlords.  It is a tenet of Socialism/Communism that landlords are evil and should be killed.

So when these people who spent all their money turning their apartments into the perfect Instagram-worthy lockdown chambers and Zoom backgrounds rather than paying their rent get evicted, what do you think will happen?

Leftists getting kicked out crying all over social media how they are the victims of evil landlords because they are so poor?  Protests?  Riots?  Illegal squatting?  Antifa anti-landlord actions.  Murders?  All of the above?

I’m sensing Summer of Love 2.0, with mass civil unrest, not over a police shooting but over the police carrying out an eviction, of which there will be thousands.

I can’t imagine a way this doesn’t turn dicey.

This is going to suck.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “The rent is due and I wonder how dicey things are going to get (brace for violence in the streets)”
    1. Even longer. In some states you cannot evict tenants with little children no matter what. I remember foreclosure on our street where it took the bank more than a year to evict.

  1. I suspect it will be a small number – maybe – but I can foresee some property owners walking away, simply abandoning their properties.

    Someone who was smart enough to shield themself with an LLC to own the property, who is suddenly receiving extreme pressure from the lender to catch up (assuming many have been making minimum payments, or negotiated some degree of forbearance from the lender) and cannot do so while the eviction process unfolds and new tenants have not yet been found, and is in a deep and hopeless situation RE: becoming profitable again.

    Which means government foreclosure for back taxes or lender foreclosure for non-payment; neither party will have much patience or tolerance so, yeah, I think Nevada (above) has the timeline about right on hordes landing on the curbs nationwide, but Mr. Wilner has a point as well – plus, with colder weather come “the holidays” and “it would be cruel to evict someone just before Thanksgiving/Christmas/Kwanza/Whatever.” Now, what all that does to the banking economy by late winter/early spring when huge monies are still outstanding, foreclosures are still pending, and ain’t nobody getting paid, I haven’t a clue, but from here it looks like a Grade A FlusterCuck in the making.

    Off topic, but you mentioned needing to pick up the PO box keys; got the addy yet?

  2. “We can’t pretend that every person who didn’t pay rent for the last year was some poor soul who just couldn’t make rent because they were broke and starving and out of work.”
    Money quote !!

    “This is going to suck.”
    This is going suck a lot !!

  3. Two words: jingle mail.

    Five words: Go negotiate with the bank.

    One word to these tenants: F.O.C.U.S.
    (Fark Off ‘Cause U Stoopid)

  4. Here comes the crushing moral hazard of gov’t bailout with my fucking tax dollar. You know it’s coming. The Squad and the Left are begging for it and you know GOPe will acquiesce.

    The sacrifices I’ve made to pay my mortgage/rent and YOU and I will have to pay the bill for this shit.

  5. And to top it off, some of the bright lights in DC are making the same kind of “everyone should be able to afford a McMansion” noise they were making back in the early 2000s.

    I knew politicians have short memories, but, seriously?

  6. I cannot believe that anyone has not been paying at least some of their rent due at this point. I wonder how many people took their rent money to their local Ford dealership.

  7. I know I’ll be serving my deadbeat eviction papers Monday morning, at least my place is fully paid off so lack of rent didn’t become problems with mortgage payments.

  8. I am sure that the Noble Souls from BlackRock and othe Wall Street Corporations will be happy to step in and buy any distressed rental property from the landlord’s bank for dimes on the dollar.

    Just like they did in 2008.

    A significant portion of the North Minneapolis (i.e. Ghetto) Rental Properties are now owned and managed by large corporate out of state real estate companies after the 2008 realestate collapse. They manage them about the same ruthless way the Mythical Henry Potter ran Potterstown.

  9. But we all know how the Left feels about landlords. It is a tenet of Socialism/Communism that landlords are evil and should be killed.

    To be replaced by government landlords.

    And, frankly, I don’t give a shit about violence in the streets. Let the cities burn; if the mob gets too close to civilized people they should be given a whiff of the grape.

  10. In 2019 38.21% of households in Portland, OR were renters according to Census ACS data. (I cannot find more recent numbers, but I doubt there has been any statistically significant change.)

    This city is going to burn come springtime 2022.

  11. Ish: I hope you and your family have several plans to unass Portland, and “seismic sensors” so as to ensure y’all are not an hour too late.

    And several destinations.

    Primary, secondary, contingency, and emergency.

    1. We tell people around here that we like to keep all of our camping supplies neatly packed and stacked by the back door so that we can easily take off for the woods for impromptu weekend camping trips…

      But, I won’t bullshit ya’ll, it’s a closet full of Bug-Out Bags and Oh Shit Kits.

    1. You dont own it still. Just try to stop paying your taxes and itll be leined and seized.

      One of the many things that need to change in this country…

  12. One of the local courts has issued a 60 day moratorium on evictions. It is going to take a while for this to play out.

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