This fucking bullshit Tweet:


This from the Forward:

Ella Emhoff isn’t Jewish (and she doesn’t want to talk about it)

And so when I was putting together the Forward 50, I chose Ella rather than her dad, the now-official “Second Mensch,” for our list of intriguing and influential American Jews.

We knew it’d be a longshot to get the increasingly in-demand — and also still enrolled in college — Ella to join one of our Zoomversations with members of the Forward 50. But when the polite decline came, the reason threw me. “Ella is not Jewish,” wrote Joseph David Viola, the spokesman Ella’s Instagram refers queries to.

No, sadly. Viola said in subsequent emails that Ella’s dad has been “celebrating Judaism for a few years now but out of an independent search,” and that Ella was living on her own in New York during this period. “It’s not something she grew up with,” he explained

So not a Jewish family, not raised Jewish, not a Jewish household, and Doug just recently started doing some independent Jewish type stuff (which in my experience is code for some new-age Reform bullshit).

This is political Jew-face.

What else could you expect from one of the most inauthentic and shallow politicians out there?

Remember when Trump was repeatedly called an antisemitie?

His Hanukkah lighting with his Orthodox daughter and son-in-law was infinitely more genuine than this performative bullshit.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The Second Family does performative Judaism and I hate it”
  1. The way I understand the rules, given that Kamala isn’t Jewish, her daughter isn’t either no matter the status of her husband.

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