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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

30 thoughts on ““The Stupid It Hurts!” of the month: National Gun Victims Action Council.”
  1. Took one second on Google(Crime in England)…”England and Wales has one of the worst crime rates among developed nations for rapes,burglaries and robberies, a major report has found.” “England has worse crime rate than the US, says CIVITAS study.” The Telegraph 3Aug2010……only BAD guys got guns 🙁

  2. I was going to leave a whole rant there, but it would have been wasted words.

    Also, should I send my doctors bill to you for pain I feel from the stupid? (it was that bad)

  3. I never knew that 25% of all gun sales was to criminals. I wonder where they found that little jewel?

    If I was that stupid, I would hope that someone would put me out of my misery.

    1. Perhaps they meant “pre-criminals”, since to follow most of their logic you have to assume that everyone is just one minor disagreement from becoming a murderer.

    2. It comes from the NAACP lawsuit back in ’99. They paid some ‘expert’ to come up w/ the numbers. The actual report is court sealed so none of it can be verified. Fineman and Oneill trot out that claim regularly.

  4. check out their board……almost all from IL……couple from CA and one DC…….trying to export their form of ‘freedom’……

  5. Ugh, I do not know which hurt worse, reading their drivel or trying to stimulate neurons damaged by excessive collegiate alcohol consumption in order to remember the name of the exact type of logical fallacy that their argument employs. Maybe after coffee….

  6. Oh, man….there’s not enough alcohol in the world right now to kill the braincells affected by that insanity. The people who come up with this stuff…how can they sleep at night?

    1. Clearly, they’re OK with savage beatings, rapes, stabbings, being tortured to death, hangings, lacerations, being smothered to death, getting thrown in a woodchipper, drownings, or any combination of the above that you can think of, so long as there are no guns involved.

      I’d rather get shot, personally.

  7. Thanks. I will pass. The only thing worse than a person who refuses to acknowledge the salutary uses and effects of privately-owned firearms is a person who genuinely believes disarming potential victims is beneficial to those victims.

    There is a very special place in Hell set aside for people like that.

  8. From the bottom of their post: “Then the NRA claims everyone needs to carry a gun at all times to protect themselves from armed criminals.”

    What is false about that claim? It would actually reduce violent crime. When you don’t have a gun, you are vulnerable. We do not get to pick the time or place when we are attacked by criminals. What we can choose is whether we have a gun as a response option and a gun is a strong deterrent to an attack or it can even the odds.

    They advocate they we do not have a gun and that only the criminals do. Wow, the results of that policy are axiomatic. Criminals are emboldened and good people die.

    Finally, this does not even touch on the elephant in the room. What if the government is the criminal? Do they ignore the murderous regimes in recent history of Nazi Germany, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, the Soviet Union and so on? If they say that it can’t happen here let me point out the forced relocation of the Japanese-Americans in WWII and the rise of Nazi Germany initially through the democratic election of Hitler?

    Never Again!
    Molon Labe!

  9. After reading this, I want to put myself through a woodchipper. People who advocate for criminals are mentally ill.

    1. No. Never say that. Never, EVER respond to learning about people who make the world a worse place with thoughts like “I want to die.”

      They’re the ones making the world worse. They’re the ones who you should want dead. Never, ever punish yourself for the idiocy of another.

    2. want fun? go over to my friend Robbie’s blog. Urbangrounds. He does a post for each and every deserving asshole who gets executed in Texas. the apologists and thug lovers come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Those posts always have the most comments.

  10. After your head stops pounding double up on the meds and read how the Second Amendment was meant to enable slavery. I do not know how they explain away the non-slave states militias or the civil war or ……. more heroin, more heroin

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