The Tin Foil Brigade is out in full force

People, human bodies are not blood-filled sausages that spray blood three feet away when pierced by a .22 caliber bullet in the torso and/or abdomen.  The only shot placement that creates Hollywood-like splatter results in real life is one to the cranial vault and if you have the video, you will see that at least twice.



4 Replies to “The Tin Foil Brigade is out in full force”

  1. During my days as a Paramedic, I saw hundreds of people who were shot. I don’t recall any of them spraying blood, and most of them didn’t even bleed a whole lot. Mostly, it was a round hole and that was it.

  2. I have NOT watched the video…. so Im a bit behind the whole affair. Are you Sir saying the video is FAKE?? Or the tinfoil brigade is saying the video is fake??

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