It is not only the monetary cost to regular folks and taxpayers, but the ignorance of those hired to teach.

Let’s go through his collegiate statement.

The US does not have any national ID system
Kinda sorta right. It is up to the individual states to issue IDs for that state, but it has slowly turned into a national “system” with TRUE ID.

and many states don’t have ID systems
Huh? Is there a State in the union without an ID system? No drivers license? He does not mention which states, probably because he made that up.

Historically, some southern states have put all kinds of requirements to stop black people from voting.
And historically your birthplace sent people to the guillotine without due process and was the proud owner of Devil’s Island. And you would be speaking German if it wasn’t for the racist Southerners that fought to liberate France. But the past is one thing, and the present another.

Some of those are still in place. Requiring an ID that is difficult to obtain, or expensive is one such way to deny people the right to vote.
Well, I am a minority and live in the South. How hard was for me to get a license in Tennessee? I went online (Harsh, I know), made an appointment, showed up at my local licensing office, produced the required documents, paid the exorbitant fee of $28, had my picture taken and went home. It was a crowded day, so I probably spent about 40 minutes total. Got the license in the mail some days later. If I wanted only the State ID, it would have set me back all of $12.  In some locations, you may get charged an extra $4 (I know, the horror) for administrative fee to cover operational costs.

So, a grand total of $16 for an ID that can be used for voting purposes is apparently burdensome and racist. The poor minorities are better off going to the movies than wasting their hard-earned cash on an ID to vote.

Cost of one ticket and basic munchies for a movie in Murfreesboro on this day.

Hmmm… maybe not.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “The true high cost of College Education.”
  1. “Pat, I’d like a ‘T’ please!”
    /Vanna shakes her head, ‘No.’
    Ah, that’s what’s wrong, they misspelled his name…

  2. I would like to meet the person who cannot get a government issued ID. I will be more than willing to pay for their ID out of my own pocket, under the condition they can demonstrate the ID costs more than they can afford.

  3. In Texas, as of the last I heard, it is about $40 or so to get a non-driver’s ID, which allows everything except … driving. It takes a little longer in the DPS, but only because they are so rare that it takes a bit for people to remember which screen to go to to get started, per someone I know who has one. (He is blind. He said the wave of silence when he and his seeing-eye dog went into the DPS office was very entertaining.)

  4. Well I will agree that getting an ID in some northeast States is much more involved for no reason.
    The solution is simple though. Everyone is issued a passport for free. National ID accepted even in other countries that requires more exstensive verification than a drivers license. Boom now everyone that ks eligible to vote has a valid ID to show for voting.
    We also are supposed to have freedom of movement bit how can you truly have it if going anywhere requires a nationally recognized ID like a passport or real ID? No problem solved.
    75% of this is calling the liberal bluff. Though I personally wouldn’t be opposed to my tax dollars providing me the essential documentation required to travel intra and extra nationally for free. I also refuse the real ID bit that another thing all together…

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