Our navy can’t put out a fire on a boat or avoid running aground on undersea mountains but it can name a ship after a homosexual activist and advocate of the People’s Temple and Jim Jones, who preyed on gay teenage runaways, and find a transgender veteran to christen it.


The last time the navy of a global power was this incompetent it killed 17 admirals in a single incident.

Unfortunately, when our current navy succumbs to its partisan incompetence, the flag officers responsible will survive and its the poor enlistedmen who will pay the price.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The US Navy will be sunk and it will have deserved it”
  1. If we ever get another fairly elected CINC, meaning not a Democrat, he (or maybe it will be a she) needs to summarily cashier every flag rank and field grade officer in every military branch and start promoting company-grades and NCO’s. There will still be enough idiots in that pool to require another purge in a couple of years, but it’s probably the only way to destroy, root and branch, the SJW culture Obama brought to fruition, but which I don’t think began with him.

    And while I’m running my mouth, so to speak, I also believe that immediately disqualifying women from any and all combat roles would be a wise move. Our culture needs to re-learn the fact that Wonder Woman and the Amazons are fictional. The few exceptions to the general rule do not justify putting women in harm’s way. Because men are stronger and better fighters and can’t have babies. It’s not really complicated.

    But neither of these remedies is going to happen until after we’ve had our a$$ handed to us by the Chicoms and/or the Russkies. I just hope we still exist at that point.

  2. Jeeeeeez.
    They are just Ramming this pervert agenda.

    Well guess what.
    I REJECT IT. 100%

    Psychosis needs treatment not this “every looser gets a trophy crap.”

    And it IS NOT normal

  3. It is not enough that people ignore it, tolerate it, or whatever.
    No, you must CELEBRATE the alternative lifestyles/multiple genders/etc…

    Do not want to have sex with a “woman” who just happens to be better hung than you are? Bigot! Make the mistake of referring to that person with breasts, makeup, and long hair as a “she” and you are an offensive, uneducated redneck.

    This is nothing more than elevating someone because of what they are, not what they do. And, it is endemic in this administration.

  4. Matthew Bracken used the USS Harvey Milk as a plot element in a dystopian story about a left wing coup. Hm. (“What I saw at the coup”, reprinted in “The Bracken Anthology”).

    1. I keep worrying that the bad guys will use Bracken’s works as how-to manuals. This story is one; the possibility of “Enemies foreign and domestic” being used that way is far worse and truly scary.

  5. “The last time the navy of a global power was this incompetent it killed 17 admirals in a single incident.”
    Was that a consequence of the incompetence or the remedy?

  6. It gets better.

    The ship’s mission is to pump juice into other ships, and supplies lubricants and oils.

    Never has a ship been more deserving of the genderized “she”.

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