I decided to write this after seeing Miguel’s post about Amazon Prime.

I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan.  The deeper and more intriguing the show, the more I am into it.

That also makes me the Charlie Brown of TV watchers.

The incomplete list of Sci-Fi shows I fell in love with just to have them canceled during a cliffhanger prematurely is (in no particular order but my memory):

Alien Nation
Space: Above and Beyond
The River (more fantasy horror but still good)
Terra Nova
Almost Human (the JJ Abrams one with Karl Urban)

The newest one I was into was Colony.  What a great show.  Yes, it started a little slow but dear sweet baby Jesus it got intriguing.

We were finally into the big reveal.  We knew that the Hosts were in a war with another alien race.  We finally understood what “The Greatest Day” was all about.  We know why Will kept getting spared.


They pulled a Lucy van Pelt.  Nobody likes Lucy van Pelt.

I have hope from the outpouring of fan support on social media that USA might give us a fourth season just to bring the show to closure.  Jericho and Fringe were brought back for a final half season to wrap things up.

USA needs to do us dedicated fans some justice.  Or let Netflix pick it up since they are carrying the first two seasons.

I know I shouldn’t get pissed.  Charlie Brown never learns his lesson either.  Every time a good Sci-Fi show hits TV the studio is going to rip it out from under us just when it gets good.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The USA Network execs deserve syphilis”
  1. I commiserate with you about network TV shitting on SF fans. That’s why I rarely watch network TV (cut the cord about 3 years ago), and just binge-watch complete series online.

    For what it is worth, Alien Nation had several direct-to-TV movies that completed the series and closed a few of lose ends from the last original episode. And Firefly had the movie Serenity (which was far better than the series itself, IMNSHO).

    1. I have kids so I still have basic cable. I watched two shows on TV, Colony and The Last Ship. Now Colony is gone. If it weren’t for Nick Jr and Cartoon Network, I’d get rid of my cable.

  2. The nice things about Jericho at least is that while it definitely accelerates a bit to close it up, there is no precipitous drop in quality.

    Plus the 2A line in the new constitutional convention is priceless.

  3. “I don’t watch TV. It’s a cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite.”

  4. Jericho
    Terra Nova
    Almost Human (the JJ Abrams one with Karl Urban)

    I haven’t watched Firefly/Serenity yet but I do own them.

    Terra Nova, Alcatraz and Almost Human pissed me off when they got cancelled. Revolution was another one I was getting into. 2 seasons and gone. The asshats at the network did that to me in the 80’s with Crime Story.

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