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Way back in the Electronic Stone Age when we did not have Social Media as we know it, we had our open discussions in the Usenet. I remember the day the news Sarah Brady had been diagnosed with breast cancer, both sides were shocked at the news and even though one side was fully against her politics, cancer is something you don’t wish in a normal human being who spouses a political and constitutional difference. We wished her a speedy recovery.

And yes, there were some jackasses who posted inappropriate celebratory comments and got flamed with so much vigor that you could feel the heat coming out of the monitor…and those torches came from our side.  That kind of behavior was simply not tolerated by either side as it went beyond the usual “fuck you dickbreath” and assorted direct personal attacks on the newsgroup.

Now the Opposition is no longer abiding by the unwritten rules of basic decency. We are ammosexuals (still trying to figure that one out), impotent, insurrectionists, traitors, terrorists, child abusers and something so serious as the unexpected death of somebody is a free pass to target not only the person but his family. It is sick and sadly I do not see them taking a moment to think and maybe reconsider the language.

Shannon Watt’s latest campaign uses the motto “Tipping Point.” And she is more accurate than she thinks but not in the way she expects. We are indeed reaching the tipping point where her side will no longer be considered the Opposition but the Enemy. And I am not using that word in the rhetorical/sophomoric debate meaning.

This is not a warning or a threat but a sad statement of fact. You cannot push and push and demonize a collective and then expect something stupid not to happen. And I hope you do understand the physics behind a vessel suddenly letting go after reaching the maximum internal pressure.

Police your own & moderate the language, that is all we ask. It is time you figure out we are not backing down.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Them Fighting Words.”
  1. Someone needs to use their Reddit contacts to get this psycho doxed. See how she likes being the internet bully when it pushes back.

  2. This is routine for the left. For reference, look at any conservative that gets any bad diagnosis. I remember when Laura Ingraham (the talk show host) had her breast cancer and the horrible things that they showered her with.

  3. The regressive left has pushed the tactic of dehumanizing their opponents. Much like the Nazis did to the Jews before rounding them up into prison camps. The SJW’s have gotten so vitriolic with their language, there is now a game on reddit called “Stormfront or SJW” where you have to guess who posted a particular quote. Here’s a YouTube video that explains the whole thing better than I can:

    Play along and keep score. It’s harder than you may think.

  4. Sarah Brady passed and on every gun blog article I read, the tone was respectful, even if they didn’t care for her as a person or her politics. Most of the commentary was in the same tone as well. Watts could die tomorrow and I’d recognize it not as “oh hey, one of the enemy has died” but that five children lost their mom, for example.

    Scalia passed yesterday and I was actually shocked at what some of my supposedly “tolerant” acquaintances on FB were saying.

    If one of their SJW heroes keeled over, the scolds on the left would force us to lower the flag and wear a black armband, practically at (ironically) gunpoint.

  5. There are no rules for the left any more,but try and hold us accountable for there being rules.Which most do because of a moral issues we don’t need rules to now it is not right.That is a big difference between the left and the right.

  6. After reading the comments on several different news sites, I have decided that pretty much all of the human race can kiss my ass. The man and his wife had 9 kids. That’s 10 people in the immediate that lost someone the love. These liberal idiot pisswits aren’t even up to the classification as vermin. As one of our DI’s used to tell us, your lower than whale shit, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean.

  7. I can’t recall the last time I got any basic respect from Watts or her cult members just as a human being, on top of the fact that they disrespect my belief in God and Gods granting basic human rights as a product of being alive. Then her main reason for being is to violate the rights of my grandchildren, children, family and friends so how do we only consider them as opposition to a political policy and not as enemies? They have pushed and pushed the boundaries of decency and Watts / Bloomburg have shown no inclination to rein in the most vile of the lot. Death treats directed at children can only be dismissed as hyperbole so many times before being taken seriously, just because your paranoid ( their term ) doesn’t mean they are not out to get you. So preparing for the worst is the only prudent action and it is driven by Watts & company rhetoric.

  8. @ Miguel

    It’s crazy how much hate these people have and how they rationalize those feelings internally. Unfortunately history just keeps repeating itself because of these useful idiots.

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